FX currency pair USD / CHF


The combination of American and Swiss francs is not very major. However, there are many people who are trading, and it is a popular pair as it is. It is more suitable for swing trading, but it is also suitable for scalping and day trading, although it does not have a large price range. The Swiss franc is not a major currency, but it moves up and down significantly when the market moves.



Recommended for beginners to advanced users. Since extreme price movements are unlikely to occur, it is unlikely that all funds will disappear with one shot. Trends tend to be easier to come out than USD / JPY. However, if you want to take a large price range, we recommend the combination of euro and pound.

Recommended trading time

Trading becomes active only when the London market opens. It will be actively traded until the end of the New York market. We do not recommend trading as Asian time is very quiet and lull.

Recommended trading style

It may not be very suitable for scalping and day trading, but the price range can be taken a little. The price range is small compared to major currencies. If anything, it is for swing trading.

Economic indicators to watch out for

Since the US dollar is the key currency, it has a great impact on all currency pairs, not just this currency pair. Therefore, it is necessary to pay attention not only to the policy interest rate, GDP and unemployment rate, but also to the international situation such as politics, social situation and war.

The Swiss index also rarely moves that much. As with Japanese indicators, be aware of unemployment, policy rates, GDP, and more. However, please note that the Swiss index is closely related not only to Switzerland but also to the gold market and the euro area, so it is necessary to pay attention to the euro market.

When the Swiss franc moves

Beware of gold prices as well as timing Swiss indicators. Since Switzerland has 40% of its currency as gold, a rise in gold prices could lead to higher asset values, as well as the Swiss franc. In the opposite case, it will fall, so be careful. It is also highly relevant to the euro market. Due to its close geographical and economic implications, it is always necessary to check the market conditions in the euro area. Keep an eye on trends in major countries such as Germany, France and Italy.

When the US dollar moves

Not only US indicators, but also US government bonds (10 years, 30 years), Nikkei Stock Average, crude oil prices, etc. will affect. Also, in the case of the United States, as it is called the police of the world, it is very sensitive to the influence of world affairs. Please note that some economic sanctions and military activities can move the dollar significantly.