[Character analysis and trader] Personality and characteristics of people who are suitable for stocks, Forex, virtual currencies, and binary options [Character analysis and traders] Personality and characteristics of people who are suitable for stocks, Forex, virtual currencies, and binary options , aptitude


In general, it is said that 90% of traders leave the market, and it is very difficult to keep winning. So am I right for trading from the start? Is it not for you? If you know, you can change your mindset to a way to make money other than trading if it’s not suitable for you. I would like to look at the necessary personality, qualities, and qualities of people who are suitable for traders and those who are not.


Features of Trader

To put it in extreme terms, it is just a prediction of whether the price movement will rise or fall. In other words, even if someone who doesn’t know anything starts trading, the prediction is correct about half the time. But whether or not they can continue to win is another matter. What kind of person can keep winning in such a trade?


Traders don’t win every imaginable pattern. In fact, there is only one method that traders are doing. By specializing in only one method, you can stand an absolute advantage in the market. The reality is that most of the people who are doing this and that are leaving without winning. It is difficult for people who are hesitant to make a living as a trader.

don’t show emotions

There are many people who can’t make it as a trader, such as those who are passionate about winning back, and those who get excited immediately after winning. It is said that people who can repeat transactions with a semi-mechanical image without being overwhelmed by one transaction are more suitable for trading. Remember, hot amateur trading is easy prey for professionals.

game lover

In fact, most traders have one thing in common: they love games. It is said that gamers are very much like traders in that they are thoroughly committed to the game and are particular about it. Traders also conduct thorough market analysis and adopt strategies that aim only for places where they can win.


I often see stories of people who became profitable as soon as they started. As far as people who have tried their hand at trading are concerned, it is a bit of a sham to say that you can get into the winning group without failing for the first time. By the time you get to a certain point, you’ll make mistakes over and over again, and you may end up suffering a big loss mentally. Still, those who have the perseverance to persevere without giving up are suitable.

enthusiastic about research

Those who are enthusiastic about research can pursue the causes of unsuccessful trades, and the strongest point is that they try to find the reasons for winning trades as well. One of the major features of this program is the ability to produce results over a long period of time, as the research can be continued patiently until results are obtained.

believe in yourself

After losing a lot of money in trading, I honestly can’t believe in myself at all. While trading can make a lot of money, money that used to appear on your computer can disappear in an instant. Those who can get back up there can go on as traders.