[Stocks, Forex, Virtual Currency, Binary Options] Investment Online Salon Fraud Introducing Friends and Acquaintances


Investment salons seem to be very trendy in recent years. This is a case where investment instructors take the initiative to recruit students, teach them how to invest, and force them to purchase investment products. It is very dangerous as such scam salons tend to proliferate all over the world. In particular, there are many cases of being solicited to such fraud salons by introductions of acquaintances and close friends.


What is an investment online salon?

Investment Salon is a paid membership club specializing in investment. By paying money, members will know how to invest, and how to buy it? can learn However, even though it was originally used for this purpose, it has become a problem, such as forcing people to buy expensive information products, excessively high monthly membership fees, and even lectures that have no content, and has become a criminal case. There are also many Therefore, the reality is that fraud salons occupy the majority.

refer a friend

This time, I would like to take up the fraudulent method of introducing investment salons from acquaintances and friends. Since the person himself/herself has friends and acquaintances in between, he/she often feels relieved and invests, but there are so many cases that it develops into a fraud case. Why is this happening?


Most investment online salons can’t earn in a decent operation form. In the first place, the lecture content of the salon itself is often thin, and there are many people who are dissatisfied and quit. Therefore, online salons often use multi-level marketing methods that use human wave tactics to recruit people at random. Because it is a multi-level marketing system, anyone is welcome, and they will persistently invite people. Online salons are profitable because if you gather people, you can get a lot of collection fees.

referral fee

Recruiters receive a referral fee. It stands out that there are so many people who take advantage of the fact that they can get a referral fee if they introduce them to other people, and solicit them at random. As a result, some people turn to crime, and this has become a social problem. Your friends and acquaintances are also recruiting you because they can get a referral fee. In other words, he’s not thinking about you, he’s only thinking about money.

Problems that cannot be resolved

Some fraudulent online salons do not accept cancellations themselves when you try to cancel, or you want to cancel, but you do not know the contact information of the business operator. Only money is constantly withdrawn, and nothing can be done. It is also a problem that many online salons do not let you confirm the terms and conditions of the contract in advance. In addition, there are many cases where the document itself is not issued even after the contract is signed, so it is difficult for the police to launch an investigation.

Prior confirmation

When using an online salon, check at least whether there is a free trial period before signing a contract, details such as membership fees and monthly membership fees, cancellation conditions such as whether it is possible to cancel mid-term, information on the salon operator, etc. is needed. Because if any of these things are missing, there is a high probability that you will get scammed. Be sure to keep a record of his interactions on SNS in case of trouble.