[Forex] Female investors and traders are easy to succeed


Forex, stocks, cryptocurrencies and other traders are generally overwhelmingly male. It is said that it accounts for 80% to 90% of the total. However, according to a questionnaire surveyed by RUNWAYS Co., Ltd. in Japan, it is clear that out of 1000 active Forex traders nationwide, women have better grades in their lifetime balance than men. Women, unlike men, tend to not lose the full amount because they trade solidly and defensively.


Why Women Can Win Trade

Generally, trading requires knowledge of economics and politics. For that reason, there are many women who are not interested in trading, but women who are trading tend to win. Why is that?

It is more important to trade than to win

Women tend to trade steadily and small, hating losses rather than not earning. You can see that we have been trading for many years, but most of the transactions end with a mediocre. In most cases, returning or making a small stop-loss insurance accounts for 90%. Since the trend is an event that occurs only 10% of the total, most trades inevitably lose profits, draws, and loses. Against this background, a person who trades without losing will have a higher lifetime income than a trade that wins.

Because of these characteristics, women’s thinking circuits are very compatible with trading. Unlike men, women rarely put all lots in one transaction and play one game.

Trade only in your free time

Many men spend the entire day trading. Because there is a desire to earn a lot. Women, on the other hand, tend to trade only in their spare time. As a result, women can concentrate on trading because it is a short time, and many of them have a fulfilling life. As a result, many women tend to be able to fulfill their lives and money without leaving. As a result, women seem to have a more fulfilling life because they can use their spare time to raise children, work, and hobbies.

Women compete at low risk

In the case of men, there is a tendency to put all lots in one trade and aim for a big win. But this is also a high risk at the time if it is a high return. In the case of men, if they have a large unrealized loss, they will not be able to stop the loss, and many people tend to go bankrupt. Women do not have high risk because they are willing to gradually increase their money in low lots. As a result, I have been able to save money steadily.

Women are better suited to trade than men

In the survey of RUNWAYS Co., Ltd., we took a questionnaire targeting 1000 traders. When we tabulated by gender, an unexpected fact emerged. The percentage of “winning” was about 24% for both men and women, but women were 15% less “losing” and 15% more “unchanging”. From this result, the difference in gender has a considerable influence on the lifetime balance of Forex.

Forex lifetime balance

does not change18.4%33.5%