[Investment Fraud] Instagram Investment Lecture Stocks, Forex, Virtual Currency, Binary Options


There are many accounts of beautiful and handsome people who advertise that they often give investment lectures on Instagram. Many people think that there are many suspicious things and there is no real thing. There are many scammers in investment lectures, and if you are deceived, only your money will be taken. Be vigilant against such things.


What is an investment lecture?

An investment lecture is a full-time lecturer who teaches people who cannot win in trading until they can win, so that they can win. It is common to solicit students mainly on SNS, charge the lecture fee after payment, and recommend the purchase of high-priced signature tools necessary for conducting transactions. Some of them seem to be recruiting students for free, but basically you won’t be able to win even if you take this kind of lecture. The reason is that the person who is teaching in the first place cannot win.

photo of another person

Although they post pictures of beautiful women and handsome men on profile, in reality, another person is giving a lecture. This kind of fraud is done because people are always deceived by appearances. So don’t be deceived by appearances.

Fees for lectures will be paid in arrears

The lecture fee is a post-payment system of the performance fee type, and it is free until you make a profit. At first glance, the lecture fee is free until you make a profit, so it doesn’t look bad, but the scammers aren’t taking any risks if they don’t make a profit. Moreover, since people who can’t win are giving lectures, naturally their trading skills won’t improve at all.

Shows only profit report images

Scammers post student profit report images, but never post their own trading history. Furthermore, it is characterized by not posting at all when there is a loss. Of course, any super trader will lose sometimes. Despite this, it is unnatural for anyone to see only winning images. There is no such thing as a 100% winning investment.

do not reveal your information

Scammers never give out their information because they want to get away. He does not disclose his real name, phone number, address, company he belongs to, or his face. If such a lecturer appears, it is 100% fraud. If something happens, they will always run away, so please do not touch them. Taking a lecture from such a person is too risky.

Means and methods of lectures

In most cases, the following two methods are used for lectures. If any of these apply to you, don’t get involved. Because your money will be stolen.

trade delivery

There are so many instructors who are teaching entry points by doing trade distribution. This isn’t a scam per se, but it seems to have a bad entry point and is often backtracked. In other words, because the trading skill is poor in the first place, the winning rate is also poor, and the person’s funds are just disappearing. Pay particular attention to the following examples.

  • No loss cut (trying to endure even if the unrealized loss increases)
  • When it goes backwards, it’s just picking up
  • Entry using a suspicious tool (thinking stopped state)

sell information products

The scam lecturer says I have to buy a tool to give a lecture. Basically, it pushes expensive and expensive information products. It goes without saying that successful traders can win without such tools. Please think that it is a fraud at the time of selling merchandise. Scammers always flee after selling information products. Don’t buy it and call the police.