[Investment fraud] Chinese scammers on the rise in matching and dating apps


In recent years, the number of people using matching apps has increased significantly. In the past, it was mainly used by young people in their 20s and 30s, but now there are middle-aged people who use dating apps. Under such circumstances, the problem is that the number of Chinese accounts is increasing rapidly. Most of the accounts are created for the purpose of soliciting investment, and they are an annoyance to operators and users.


Matching App Scammer Features

The characteristics of scammers are summarized below. You can easily understand the modus operandi and what kind of profile it is.

Characteristics of Chinese scammers

Chinese account scammers have certain characteristics.

participating communitynot participating at all
languagemust contain Chinese
profile picturePost a picture of another model
conversationConversation in chat does not work
annual incomedeceives a very high annual income
place of birth, place of residenceChina, Hong Kong, Taiwan, etc.

One of the characteristics of Chinese scammers is that they match you first, and then use translation software in the chat to have a conversation. The content of the conversation is so awkward that you will notice it right away. And soon he will talk about investment solicitation. By the way, the Chinese scammer uses a photo of a model, but it is a different person. Also, they are deceiving high annual income, but this is mostly a lie. There is only a pattern that money cheats and escapes. They often live in China, and often lie that they will move to the country where you live and claim that they are looking for a lover. In fact, after defrauding the money, he will run away immediately, so please do not trust him.

Overwhelming amount of cryptocurrency investment

Virtual currency investment solicitation is overwhelmingly common among Chinese scammers. It encourages you to invest in coins that you don’t even know the name of, but most of them escape without being refunded after investment. ICOs are the most common type of scam of this kind. New coins will be listed, so if you buy them cheaply, you will be told that the value will rise after listing and you may make money.

Other investment solicitations such as stocks and Forex

Most of the Chinese scammers are soliciting virtual currency, but other than that, they are soliciting online casinos, binary options, stocks, FX, etc. In most cases, you will be prompted to open an account with the specified company, but this is also something to be aware of. There are many stories that even if you can make a profit, you can not withdraw. Even if you report it to the police as fraud, foreign fraud can be very difficult to handle. Most people cry themselves to sleep.

Matching app investment solicitation = fraud

Due to the above facts, please consider investment solicitation in matching apps to be 100% fraudulent. Almost no scammers. If it’s a really profitable story, you don’t bother to solicit using a matching app. Scammers will deceive you at any cost. Be careful not to get scammed out of your money.