[Stocks, Forex, Cryptocurrencies] The continuation of the draw is proof of a senior trader


I wrote the following article before. Those who have been trading for over a year are already advanced. The fact that it has been continued for more than a year is a situation where it can still be continued financially, and it is a period of great growth due to the accumulation of experience and technology of one year. It can be said that Total Plus is not so far. And as you improve gradually, you will be able to draw a losing match. It may be a series of draws and mentally disgusting, but in fact this condition is already at the top of all traders.


Those who can’t win can’t draw

It is said that 90% of the world of trading cannot win. Most people leave because they don’t have the money because they have been losing all the time, or because they have been losing all the time and are mentally ill. The continued financial draw is evidence of the accumulated knowledge, skills and experience of a trader. Most traders can’t even keep a draw in the first place.

People who can win big in a trade but lose the profits accumulated in the next trade or who can not win big in a series of draws are actually only not getting results, and they make big progress without their knowledge. It is. Many people feel mentally distressed and quit when they fall into such a state, but this is the biggest stepping stone.

Let’s do it for another year

If you can’t make a lot of profits but haven’t lost much, please try it for another year. Perhaps big growth will start happening somewhere. There is absolutely no one who can suddenly win in stocks or Forex. Most people will be able to win over a year or two. As I wrote in other articles, continuation is power. If you can win in a row, or if your monthly income and expenditure remains positive for months in a row, it is a sign of great growth. You should keep going as long as your money doesn’t go away.

When the slump comes, I will do only one trading method

If you run into a difficult market, or if you can’t win temporarily, get back to the beginning. Stick to only one trading method and practice thoroughly. Origin regression is the best way to escape a pinch. It is necessary to return to the origin when you are worried or in trouble. Perhaps the way you normally trade is starting to make a mistake. It is also a good opportunity to reconsider your way of trading.