[Investment fraud] Reality of Forex online salon


As concerns about money in the future increase, FX is attracting attention as a side job that can be done seriously and as one of the means of asset building. The reality is that various people trick beginners into using it as an advantage. FX salons are often seen on Twitter and Instagram. However, you need to be careful because there are also fraudulent troubles with expensive fees at salons.


Is Forex Salon a Scam?

Forex salons are highly likely to be fraudulent if they apply to the example below. Don’t just go in casually, but look carefully before deciding whether or not to enter.

Reality of FX online salon

So, in fact, if you join the online salon, will your trading skills improve? Online salons often claim that they can receive support from professional instructors or learn the correct techniques. There is an advantage that there is interaction between members, but it is quite subtle whether you can win if you join the online salon.

online salon instructor

Self-studying FX requires a reasonable cost (effort and time), and having someone teach you how to do it is an efficient way to save costs. However, if the level of the person who teaches is low, the merit of being taught will disappear. Online Salon instructors don’t win much in trade in the first place. The reason is simple. This is because you can earn more efficiently by sticking to the market every day.

Lecture contents of the online salon

The lecture content of the online salon is actually not that deep. 20 or 30 years ago, it was difficult to get information, so joining an online salon would have been meaningful, but now there is a lot of information on the internet. The lecture content of the online salon is all about what you can pick up for free on the internet, and it is not the content that you pay to listen to. As a result, you often end up wasting your money.

Will your trading skills improve?

The biggest motivation to join the online salon is whether you can win the trade. But given the above, your arms won’t get much better. It is reasonable to assume that the possibility of improvement is low because the lectures of traders who cannot win very much are only thin in content. It’s good to join the community after hearing that you can learn skills to earn money in Forex, but if the content is superficial and difficult to understand at all, it’s already too late. you are wasting your money.


If you decide to quit joining the FX Online Salon, the quickest thing to do is to collect information on the internet and actually use it for trading. Of course, we will do it with the minimum funds and minimum lot. In order to really win, it takes a year or two of training. On SNS, etc., there are people who frequently upload photos of their private lives, such as high-end cuisine, high-rise apartments, and cars, and appeal to them how they earn money from Forex. It is normal that it takes several years. If you do it steadily, you will definitely improve.