Stock FX Cryptocurrency International Romance Scams and Countermeasures


International romance scams are spreading worldwide. This is the act of using SNS (Twitter, Instagram, Facebook), matching apps, and dating apps to show the pretense of dating the other party and deceive the other party. I have previously created an article on investment scams from dating apps and dating apps, so please read it along with the link below. Since the method of fraud has become clear to some extent, you can escape from fraud by paying attention. This article describes how to deal with it.


International romance scam

International romance scams clearly convey to the other person that you have a romantic feeling. However, after that, the message will be lost after deceiving money or stealing personal information. Therefore, do not spend money easily so that you will not be deceived. Also, don’t trust it easily because you are the one you haven’t met. The possible fraud patterns for international romance scams are:

  • Cryptocurrency ICO
  • Information product sales
  • Stocks, Forex, cryptocurrency mirror trading, automated trading
  • Personal information collection
  • Transfer fraud

In addition, the profile of the scammer has many of the following patterns. Please be careful if more than one is applicable.

PhotoModel-level appearance. A picture of her living very gracefully is set.
ProfessionThere are many managers and investors.
annual incomeThey are cheating on their annual income three or four times that of workers.
AgeMany men and women are in their 20s.
Self-introductionThere are conspicuous statements that appeal to you that you are earning money from your investment and that your business is successful.
Nationality, place of residenceThere are many in China, Singapore, Taiwan and Hong Kong.

Steps to deceive money

In the case of international romance scams, follow the steps below to trick the other party.

  • 1: Contact with SNS, matching app, or dating app.
  • 2: After some conversation, move to a free chat app (Line, Wechat, Whatsapp, etc.).
  • 3: Communicate your favor to the other party.
  • 4: Claim that you need money to marry the other person. Therefore, we make an investment or transfer request.
  • 5: After the transfer, after investing, the message will be lost and you will run away.

Specific examples of fraud are given and summarized in the table.

Cryptocurrency ICOEncourage investment in coins that you have never heard of by name. Once you make a deposit, the scammer will escape.
Information product salesThey sell products such as expensive tools and how to win trades. Of course, after paying, the scammers will escape.
Mirror trading, automatic tradingMost of the invitations are for trading stocks, Forex, and cryptocurrencies because of the need for marriage funds and travel expenses. We will open a dummy exchange to encourage payment. Even if you make money after depositing, you will not be able to withdraw.
Personal information collectionThis will encourage the other person to show your ID and passport. Escape after collecting personal information. It is a type of scammer who sells personal information and earns money.
Transfer fraudClaim that you need immigration funds to marry the other person. And it is a method to urge you to transfer money to the designated account. Once you make a deposit, the scammer will escape.

Examples of fraudster behavior

Scammers make an effort to deceive money from the other party using that trick. In particular, if the following examples apply, there is a high probability that money will be deceived.

  • They recommend that you invest as soon as possible.
  • The remittance method specifies a method that does not leave footprints (Paypal, Bitcoin, etc.).
  • Request an ID from the other party without revealing your identity.
  • Send your own nude photos to seduce.
  • Insist on making an absolute profit and solicit investment.
  • Emphasize that you like it even though you have never met it.


As for how to deal with fraud, please break the relationship as soon as possible. If you have already made a transfer or investment, please consult a lawyer or the police as soon as possible. The ability to recover the stolen money depends on how much evidence remains.