Stock FX Cryptocurrency Trading and Mental State

People who trade in stocks, Forex, and virtual currencies are humans. Everyone has ups and downs in their mood. Feelings may vary depending on the time, such as when you are happy, when you are sad, when you are lonely, or when you are angry. It is natural for human beings to express emotions.

Recommended rules for Forex beginners

This article is for Forex beginners. This article is a must read for anyone who wants to start trading or who has only been trading for a few months. That's because it's usually possible for a trade to go wrong and all the money will disappear in a matter of seconds.

Stock FX Cryptocurrency Winning market price, game on the chart

As with all traders such as stocks, Forex, and cryptocurrencies, the biggest secret to getting a total plus is how you can compete in a winning market. I think there are various trading styles, but this time I will write about how to find a winning market for trend followers.

Contrarian during the trend is dangerous for stock FX crypto

Stocks, Forex, and virtual currencies are all common stories about trading. Some beginners make contrarian entries when there is an uptrend or downtrend, but this is a fairly speculative and dangerous bet and is not recommended.

Withstands FX unrealized gains, does not withstand unrealized losses

When trading in Forex, the timing when unrealized gains start to accumulate will be very pleasant. But at the same time, you also have fear. It is anxiety and fear that "I do not want to lose unrealized gains". Some people are afraid of this and quickly make a profit, but it's not good depending on the strategy.

Stock FX Cryptocurrency Reversal Point Buying

As is common to all stock Forex cryptocurrencies, anyone who knows the buy-to-sell reversal point and the sell-to-buy reversal point can live almost 100% as a professional trader. The initial selling and buying from the reversal point is very strong and it is also the most delicious point because it can take a large price range. Today's article takes Forex as an example, but it can also be applied to trading stocks and cryptocurrencies, so it should be useful for a wide range of trading.
Forex Company

FX discretion x automated trading service

In Forex, there are two types of trading tools: discretionary trading that makes use of your own skills and brains, and an automated trading tool that automatically buys and sells with a program. This is generally well known, but there are companies out there that offer a combination of discretion and automated trading tools. Normally, automatic trading is performed, but when economic indicators or trends occur, the discretionary trader who is the manager intervenes, makes a loss cut settlement, and protects the funds.

Stock FX virtual currency Conditions for quitting a worker

Many people start investing because they want to quit their jobs. Among the investments, stocks, FX and virtual currencies are very popular. The reason is that unlike other investments, if you can win, you will be able to make a lot of money from this month. I have seen 10 people who have quit their jobs and become full-time traders. She has seen such people, so I thought about the conditions for them to quit their jobs and afterwards.

Stocks, FX, virtual currencies uptrend turning signal

If you catch a turning point in a big picture in stocks, Forex, and virtual currencies, hold a long position, and get a large price range, you will be able to win stably with a probability of almost 90% or more, become a total plus, and specialize. You will be able to live as a professional trader. But the question that arises here is how to find the turning point of the trend.

Stock FX Cryptocurrency International Romance Scams and Countermeasures

International romance scams are spreading worldwide. This is the act of using SNS (Twitter, Instagram, Facebook), matching apps, and dating apps to show the pretense of dating the other party and deceive the other party.