[Stocks, Forex, Virtual Currency, Binary Options, Online Casino] Beware of investment fraud using the invasion of Ukraine

The invasion of Ukraine will begin in 2022, and the world is imposing economic sanctions against Russia. And now, more than half a year later, Ukraine is launching a reverse counteroffensive and cornering Russia. However, investment fraud that takes advantage of this situation has become a serious problem all over the world. A fraudulent group pretending to be a local soldier or a resident pretending to raise funds and defrauding them of money is operating behind the scenes.

[Stocks, Forex, Virtual Currency, Binary Options, Online Casinos] Beautiful women are a sign of fraud

Investment scams are very sophisticated and are evolving day by day. Scammers are using various means to defraud money and escape. Recently, as a means of fraud, there has been an increase in putting photos of completely different people on profiles. Especially if there is a picture of a handsome or beautiful woman, you should think that it is a scam with a high probability.

[Twitter investment solicitation scam] Fraud tricks and features

Twitter has become one of the most influential social networks in modern times. Fraudulent investment solicitations have increased rapidly in recent years, and the number of victims is increasing. In some cases, scammers suddenly send messages such as DM and solicit, and in other cases, they follow the flow of conversation and solicit. In any case, if you see suspicious solicitation, please report it to the police.

[NFT investment fraud] Advertising and crime by Youtubers

Various Youtubers have recently started to promote NFT a lot. Some people are trying to brainwash viewers by forming a clique with Youtubers. NFT scams are so widespread and the number of victims is soaring that it is very dangerous to get involved. There is a high risk that all your saved money will be taken away.

[Stocks, Forex, virtual currency] Chinese investment fraud group expanding in Asia

Have you ever received suspicious solicitations for stocks, FX, virtual currencies, etc.? In recent years, solicitations for these dubious investment scams have become quite active via SNS and matching apps. There have been many incidents of Chinese investment fraud groups based in Cambodia and other countries deceiving Taiwanese and others into committing fraudulent acts. A fairly large-scale group fraud has been developed, and a large number of victims, especially Asians, have appeared.

[Investment fraud] Reality of Forex online salon

As concerns about money in the future increase, FX is attracting attention as a side job that can be done seriously and as one of the means of asset building. The reality is that various people trick beginners into using it as an advantage. FX salons are often seen on Twitter and Instagram. However, you need to be careful because there are also fraudulent troubles with expensive fees at salons.