[Twitter investment solicitation scam] Fraud tricks and features


Twitter has become one of the most influential social networks in modern times. Fraudulent investment solicitations have increased rapidly in recent years, and the number of victims is increasing. In some cases, scammers suddenly send messages such as DM and solicit, and in other cases, they follow the flow of conversation and solicit. In any case, if you see suspicious solicitation, please report it to the police.


Scam solicitation method from Twitter

Most of the vendors who solicit scams on Twitter are solicited by abrupt approaches and sweet words.


This is an example of a long solicitation message that seems to be a template sentence from a scammer. Everyone thinks this is a scam or suspicious, so I think you’ll notice it soon. There are many solicitation phrases such as “I can make money immediately if I start this business”, “I suddenly have a lot of money”, “I will definitely make money because the investment is principal-guaranteed”. This approach has become a fairly classic solicitation method on Twitter, and fewer people are fooled because they notice it is clearly suspicious.

Solicit after familiarizing yourself with the conversation

It is a scam solicitation method that has been increasing recently, but by being involved in your own tweets and hitting back many times, you will be convinced that you are a person who is very compatible with yourself, and then you will be solicited for investment. Scammers are on the rise. It is a method of deceiving money by gradually changing the topic to investment and business, introducing methods of making money easily and investments that can definitely be earned. It seems that there are some people who are deceived by this, so you should be careful.


This requires attention, but scammers have posted their own tweets such as “You can definitely make money because the investment is principal-guaranteed”, “Anyone can definitely make money”, and “You can never lose money”. On the other hand, they try to appeal by retweeting and spreading the tweets using themselves or another account of the fraud group, or by pushing likes. From the perspective of a third party, the illusion is that the tweet is being tweeted by someone who knows how to make money.

Type of fraudulent solicitation

There are many types of fraudulent solicitations, including:

business fraud

These are fraudulent consultants, resellers who approach you with the promise that you can definitely make money from your blog, and demand large sums of money in return for teaching them how to sell digital content. Please be aware that online salons and online schools charge high tuition fees.

real estate investment scam

There are many solicitations for real estate investment scams. There are many cases where they try to sell you a large amount of money or ask you to borrow an investment property with a mortgage, so please report it to the police as much as possible and have them arrested. If you get caught, you risk bankruptcy.

Automated trading tool scam

There are many scammers who make people buy expensive tools by giving the impression that they are earning money every day from automatic trading tools such as exchange and stocks. There are also scammers selling trend detection tools and indicator tools at high prices. Never let go of your hand.

Virtual currency ICO scam

Beware of companies that want to collect funds by saying that they will definitely be listed in the future. In most cases, they will take your money and run away, so be sure not to get your hands on them.