[Twitter investment solicitation scam] Fraud tricks and features

Twitter has become one of the most influential social networks in modern times. Fraudulent investment solicitations have increased rapidly in recent years, and the number of victims is increasing. In some cases, scammers suddenly send messages such as DM and solicit, and in other cases, they follow the flow of conversation and solicit. In any case, if you see suspicious solicitation, please report it to the police.

[Investment fraud] Fraud schemes for Twitter stocks, Forex, virtual currencies, and binary options

Along with Instagram, Twitter is currently the most popular social network. It can be used for hobbies, advertising, etc., but we know that there are many people who use it for fraudulent purposes. There are scammers trying to trick you every day, trying to trick you out of money, so be careful.

Twitter: Investment solicitation and fraud

On Twitter, there are bad guys who charge a lot for various investment products such as FX, stocks, virtual currencies, investment trusts, deposits, real estate, insurance and so on. Be aware that there are so many scammers who cheat money with solicitations that anyone can make money without skill or experience.

[Stocks, FX, virtual currency] Investment solicitation and fraud on SNS

In the past, media such as television and newspapers were the source of information, but nowadays, SNS is becoming the main source of information due to the spread of smartphones and the evolution of software and hardware. Among them, there are many people who use Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.