[Stocks, Forex, Virtual Currency, Binary Options, Online Casino] Reasons why online salons and lectures do not improve


Investment lectures and solicitations for investment salons are frequently held on Twitter, Facebook, and even Instagram. This is an article for those who are interested in these posts, but there are many very dangerous ones, so be careful. There are many cases where you will be charged a large amount of money or develop into trouble, so think carefully before doing it.


Reasons why online salons and lectures do not improve

Most people do not improve their trading skills in online salons and lectures. This is a big problem for the organizers. Specifically, the reasons are as follows.

high-priced information products

Companies and individuals who are doing online salons and lectures are trying to force you to buy expensive information products using unscrupulous fraudulent techniques. In most cases, there are many places that are doing online salons and lectures simply because they want to buy products. In other words, they are people who just want to sell products, not to improve their skills through trading. Therefore, it is often useless to enter such a salon.

bad teacher

Most of the instructors who come out at online salons and lectures are not good at trading. These instructors usually make mistakes that beginners tend to make, such as holding a position for a long time without being able to cut losses, or increasing the unrealized loss by picking up. In other words, the person who teaches is not good at it, so even if you teach it, your trading technique will not improve. If you’re a really successful trader, you don’t do anything like a lecturer in the first place.

Lecture content

The lecture content of the online salon and lecture is a lot of very thin content. It’s natural to say that people who are not used to trading are giving lectures. It goes without saying that there is often nothing to gain from listening to such lectures. Rather, there are many people who have strange habits and lose habits.

Recruit on SNS

Most of the people who do online salons and lectures are often recruiting students on SNS. This is because the person himself cannot live by trading alone, so he recruits students, makes them buy information products, makes them participate in suspicious lectures, and charges participation fees. In other words, there are many people who are lecturers because they cannot make ends meet in their main business of trading. Of course, you won’t be able to win even if you teach such a person.

billboard is a woman

This is not limited to online salons and lectures, but if you are recruiting investment salon students using photos of model-level women, the fraud rate is high. There is a high possibility that the woman in the photo is someone who has nothing to do with salons, etc., and in fact there are many patterns that are run by men. I simply want to gather people, so I’m going to do this kind of recruitment.


There is even fraud. There are also cases where students are recruited and then forced to join a mysterious service. There are cases where they are quite aggressive and intimidating and soliciting, so if you encounter such an example, you need to go to the police.