Twitter: Investment solicitation and fraud


On Twitter, there are bad guys who charge a lot for various investment products such as FX, stocks, virtual currencies, investment trusts, deposits, real estate, insurance and so on. Be aware that there are so many scammers who cheat money with solicitations that anyone can make money without skill or experience. The damage caused by investment fraud is increasing rapidly all over the world, and the act of deceiving money across countries is also increasing. If you are charged a large amount, please do not pay it.


Characteristics of investment fraud

The characteristics of investment fraud are that it does not require skills and experience, and there are many advertisements that anyone can earn by leaving it alone to deceive money from the weak. If it’s a free investment product, you might try it, but think carefully about whether you can get your hands on a paid investment product. Below are the characteristics of investment fraud via Twitter, so let’s check if it is not applicable.


The solicitation of automated trading tools is very noticeable in stocks. Images that are profitable every day are emphasized, and there are a lot of writings that seem to win as long as you move the tool. But trading is an investment that requires skill and experience. The reality is that all the principal will eventually disappear in the automatic trading tool, so please do not touch it. Also, there are many solicitations for stock salons. There are many salons where the admission fee and monthly membership fee are extremely high, and after enrollment, they are forced to pay a large amount of investment products.


As with stocks, solicitation of automatic trading tools is very conspicuous in Forex. With the setting that you can make a profit every day, you will sell expensive tools. Like stocks, automated trading tools are destined to go bankrupt. In the first place, you can get an automatic trading tool for free by searching the net. You don’t bother to pay for it. There are also many solicitations for FX salons. There are many salons where the admission fee and monthly membership fee are extremely high, and after enrollment, they are forced to pay a large amount of investment products.


There are many ICO fraud cases in virtual currencies, and the number of victims is increasing rapidly year by year. In most cases, the characteristics of cryptocurrency fraud are hidden and investment solicitations are made. Be wary of solicitations from strangers. The characteristic of ICO scams is that after investing, scammers always escape. Stop investing in people you’ve never met. Also, there are a lot of cryptocurrency scams via matching apps, so be careful about that too.

Investment trusts, deposits, insurance

There are also many investment trust and deposit frauds. An investment solicitation with a high yield is an absolute scam, so don’t touch it. In addition, solicitors say “absolutely earn” and “principal guarantee”, but there is absolutely no such thing in the world of investment. Insurance and deposits may seem safe at first glance, but principal can be lost. The principal guarantee is 100% fraud, so please do not touch it. As I wrote in the article below, this investment product is very fraudulent with Ponzi schemes, so think twice before investing.

real estate

Real estate investment scams aren’t very common via Twitter, but don’t touch properties that yield too high. Real estate investment suddenly carries a large amount of debt, so there is a high possibility of self-bankruptcy and the risk is extremely high. Most scammers sell profitable, high-value properties and drive investors into bankruptcy. Today, the number of scams in which real estate agents and banks collude to deceive investors is increasing rapidly. As the number of trials is increasing, it is likely that it will be troublesome later. Never invest in real estate unless you can assess the price of the property yourself.