Stock FX virtual currency Conditions for quitting a worker


Many people start investing because they want to quit their jobs. Among the investments, stocks, FX and virtual currencies are very popular. The reason is that unlike other investments, if you can win, you will be able to make a lot of money from this month. I have seen 5 people who have quit their jobs and become Forex traders. She has seen such people and is talking about their aftermath. I also considered the conditions for quitting a worker. If you are aspiring to become a full-time trader and want to quit your job, please take a look.


People who became professional traders

Here’s an example of a trader I’ve met who actually quit a worker. After one of them quit his job, his life was disturbed, and he couldn’t win the bonus and was forced to get a new job.

Example 1: A person who has become a professional trader from a bank clerk
Former occupation: Bank clerk
When I left the company: 6 months after I was able to win the trade
Current trading style: trend following
Transaction currency pair: USD / JPY
Trading when working side-by-side: Swing trading, where you enter and settle automatically before going to the company and after returning home
Life after retirement from the company: After becoming a full-time trader, my life has been disturbed and I am living a night-and-day reversal.
Full-time trader years: Re-employed after 3 years without winning
Example 2: A person who has become a professional trader from self-employed
Former occupation: Reseller
When I left the company: 1 month after I was able to win the trade
Current trading style: scalping
Transaction currency pairs: USD / JPY, EUR / USD
Trading when working side-by-side: Since I work from home, I trade while looking at the chart all day, mainly day trading
Life after retirement: I trade by looking at charts all day after becoming a full-time trader
Full-time trader years: 1 year
Example 3: A person who became a professional trader from a mover
Former occupation: Moving
When I left the company: 2 months after I was able to win the trade
Current trading style: trend following
Transaction currency pairs: GBP / JPY, GBP / USD
Trade during part-time work: Trade only for a few hours after returning home at night, settle and sleep without swing trading
Life after retirement: After becoming a full-time trader, myalgia has disappeared and my life has been fulfilled.
Full-time trader years: 0.5 years

The person in Example 2 always trades while looking at the chart, and although he seems to be very mentally exhausted and wins, he says that it is mentally difficult. The person who was doing the best was the person in Example 3, who said that moving work was a heavy burden on the body and could not be continued in the future, so he was very desperate for trading. As a result, it seems that they continue to win steadily.

Ideal conditions for becoming a full-time trader

Based on the above examples, the author considered the conditions for becoming a full-time trader. Not all are required, but if you meet many, you can be a full-time trader with great mental peace of mind.

  • Earn more than double your labor income by trading
Since the income of the trade depends on the market price, it will be the other power application for good or bad. Therefore, income is unstable and not as stable as salary. Therefore, as a guide, we are thinking that monthly interest can be earned more than double the labor income. Leaving a worker also means limiting the source of income to trading. Therefore, it is essential to secure a large income.
  • You can get a total plus monthly profit for 6 months or more
In order to live as a trader, it is essential to be able to make a total plus every year. Therefore, it will be difficult to live unless most monthly interests are positive. Therefore, as a guide, I set a condition that I would continue to give a plus for 6 months.
  • Trend following with swing trading
The greatest strength of a professional trader is that you can take as much time as you want. Therefore, you can do day trading, scalping, and swing trading. However, it seems that swing trading people tend to last longer. Many people are mentally exhausted when it comes to day trading and scalping. Because I follow the charts all day long, I am forced to live an unhealthy life due to lack of sleep and disordered eating habits. On the other hand, in the case of swing trading, you don't have to look at the chart all the time and you can work during that time.
  • Have other income losses
Trading, good or bad, depends on the market. In other words, the monthly income is not stable because the income becomes unstable. Therefore, there is a way to have other income reductions to get a sense of security. However, since my main business is trading, I need to be able to work while looking at the chart. The following work is an example.
·Real Estate Investment
  • You have savings
This is the minimum requirement. If you don't have savings, your life will be completely blocked if you can't win. You can't even add more money, so it's completely over. Ideally, you should have at least a few months' worth of living expenses and the funds needed to trade before becoming a full-time trader.
  • Have a hobby
This is not required, but trading is always stressful. Stop-loss insurance is painful and mentally distressing. Therefore, it is recommended to have a hobby that can release stress in trading. If you can't change your mood, you will eventually lose the trade.
  • Not luxurious
Just because you're a full-time trader doesn't mean you're living a luxury life. If you get into luxury, such as buying a luxury home or a luxury car, you will spend more and you will need more income. That can be a pressure and you can't win.