[Stocks, Forex, virtual currency] Compatibility between game nerds and trade Kingdom Hearts


Kingdom Hearts is a series of role-playing games released by Square Enix. Square Enix has a strong image of a role-playing game, but this game also has the characteristics of an action game. As a result, players need to practice and improve, and this tendency is very similar to trading. You will be able to win by practicing trading over and over again.


What is Kingdom Hearts?

Kingdom Hearts is an RPG genre, but it is a game with a fairly strong character as an action game. In the action game where you directly operate the character by yourself, it has an element of RPG that fights against enemies and accumulates experience points to level up. It’s better to call it an action role-playing game. There are also difficulty level selections and secret movies, so it can be said that it is a game that is very suitable for game players who are particular about it and are going through it.

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Amazon.co.jp: キングダム ハーツIII - PS4 : Video Games

Kingdom Hearts Series

Kingdom Hearts has produced a number of hits since its launch in 2002. There are also remakes and limited editions, and it is a game known all over the world.

KINGDOM HEARTS 358/2 Days2009
KINGDOM HEARTS Birth by Sleep2010
KINGDOM HEARTS Melody of Memory2020
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Amazon.co.jp: Kingdom Hearts All-In-One Package(輸入版:北米)- PS4 : Video Games

Trade with Kingdom Hearts

Kingdom Hearts is a game that can be recommended for beginners to advanced players, but it is a game that can be played very deeply because there are difficulty selections and secret movies for players who can play it. Players who can stick to it have the potential to win even in trades. Traders who can trade thoroughly will be able to win. By practicing many times, you will get a total plus.


Kingdom Hearts needs to practice hard and hone their skills to win. Thorough practice is essential for that. It is a game that requires skill because the field to fight changes each time. It’s like a game that requires the same skill in trading. There are few people who can win suddenly even in a trade. You need to practice thoroughly to be able to win. Game nerds can practice until they can win, which makes them suitable for trading.


Kingdom Hearts will go through the process of accumulating and improving its own experience points by making many mistakes. This process is the same for trading. As for trading, you will learn many charts, price movement patterns, market properties, etc., and gradually you will be able to win. No one can win suddenly. Game nerds are good at trading because they can work hard.

the study

Kingdom Hearts is easy if you just clear it, but players who have the anniversary to research thoroughly and find various hidden bosses and events are easy to win in the trade. Game nerds study games thoroughly, so they can learn every day. As with traders, the market price of trades changes from day to day. By continuing to learn, you will be able to win. Therefore, game nerds have the potential to win trades.