[Stocks, Forex, Virtual Currency] Game Otaku and Trading Compatibility Age of Empires III


Age of Empires is a game developed by Microsoft and one of the world-famous works. It is a game in which you plan to win by fighting while making a strategy in a PC game. Among them, Age of Empires III is a game with strong originality, the soldiers that can be used differ depending on the civilization, and the strategy is very important. The strategy of this game can be used for Forex trading, so it is highly recommended for traders.


What is Age of Empires?

The Age of Empires first builds the center of town, creates farmers, and collects meat, wood, and gold. Use the collected resources to build facilities and train soldiers. The trained soldiers attack the enemy base and fight until they surrender. Age of Empires is a game that you can’t win unless you think from multiple angles and fight because it requires resource production, combat, and cooperation in the case of team battles.

Age of Empires III

The stage of the game is mainly the civilizations related to the European powers and the new continent from the Age of Discovery to the modern era. Choose Spain, Britain, France, Portugal, the Netherlands, Russia, Germany and the Ottoman Empire to take advantage of the unique strengths of each civilization.


Age of Empires III The War Chief

The Age of Empires III expansion pack allows you to use the Native Americans Sue, Iroquois, and Aztecs. These civilizations have the weakness of not being able to build walls, but many combat units are suitable for haste. With the exception of the Iroquois, its weakness is the lack of artillery weapons.


Age of Empires III The Asian Dynasties

The Age of Empires III expansion pack can be used by Asian peoples such as Japan, China and India. Every civilization has its own characteristics: Japan cannot hunt, China produces by combat unit, and India has the strong characteristic that trees are the cost anyway.


Trade with Age of Empires

Age of Empires isn’t just about fighting, it has to keep producing and supplying resources while fighting. In addition, you may be attacked by the enemy, and you need to defend yourself. And you also have to attack the enemy yourself, which requires a great deal of strategy. This is an idea that can also be applied to trading.


Trading is similar to Age of Empires. You can only buy or sell, but you can’t win unless you take into account politics, the economy, the central bank’s policy rate, and the relative power of currency pairs. That’s why it’s difficult to keep winning with just one factor. You have to think about your strategy and enter, which is very similar to this game.


Game nerds tend to try again and again until they can win in the game. This is very useful for trading. You can never win a trade in a day or two. After a year or two of training, you can finally win. Those who are obsessed with winning and who do their best are very suitable for trading.


Game nerds don’t just win the game, they also try to get a complete picture of the game’s specifications and background. This is a concept that can be applied to trading, and even in trading, it is difficult to win by technical analysis alone. We also need to understand the politics and economy behind it.