Withstands FX unrealized gains, does not withstand unrealized losses


When trading in Forex, the timing when unrealized gains start to accumulate will be very pleasant. But at the same time, you also have fear. It is anxiety and fear that “I do not want to lose unrealized gains”. Some people are afraid of this and quickly make a profit, but it’s not good depending on the strategy. There are some people who can’t stop the loss even though they have a large amount of unrealized loss in the opposite pattern, but this also drives themselves to ruin. People who have not decided on withdrawal points and profit points before actually trading are likely to fall into this tendency. I have an article about how to get rid of any hesitation after entry.


Why are you scared and profitable?

There are many patterns in which the strategy is not decided before entry for those who are scared and immediately make a profit in the state of unrealized profit. If you decide how far you should go to stop loss and how far you should go to make a profit, you will not be confused and you will not settle halfway. Whether it is swing trading or day trading, how much you can withstand unrealized losses and whether you keep unrealized gains will change. But in any case, make a clear decision about how to fight and where to settle before entry. If you get lost in trading and start to worry, there is a high probability that you will be swallowed by the flow of the market and will have the same ending as the loser. Therefore, no matter how the market moves, it is necessary to make an unwavering determination. The indecisive heart will be drunk by the market.

Only regrets remain after payment

Most of the people who have not decided the stop-loss point and profit point before entry often regret the settlement. In the case of unrealized loss, I started to worry about how much I should endure, and in the case of unrealized gain, I started to worry about how much I should pull the unrealized gain after the wound widened, and I was afraid that the chart would go backwards immediately. It will be settled in. In either case, you will most likely regret it after payment. If you don’t know where to set profit taking points and stop-loss points in the first place, please refer to the following article.

Withstand unrealized gains

If you’re scared and profitable, even though the unrealized gains continue, let’s endure it. Depending on whether it is swing trading or day trading, you may try pulling it a lot. Once you get used to it, you will not be reluctant to keep your position with profit. By repeating this, you will be able to get a large price range. Of course, if you are too greedy, you will come back, but why not give it a try?

Can’t stand the loss

Those who cannot decide the stop-loss point before entry will somehow make an entry and will always have a position even if it becomes a loss. Therefore, even though you have to cut the loss early, you may have a position all the time and lose the entire amount. The range of unrealized losses that can be tolerated varies depending on whether you are swing trading or day trading, but you should not put up with it too much. You will strangle yourself. You shouldn’t cut off the loss just by making a slight loss, but if you have too much and the profit and loss swells too much, it will be ruined. The important thing is to develop a strategy before entry.