Entrust everything to the market


After you actually make an entry, you settle immediately? After entry, most of people have fear . This is a phenomenon that is common to beginners. Where is the profit taking point? Where is the loss cut point? This article suggests a solution.


Decide loss cut point. Decide profit taking point.

Before you entry, think about where to take profit. Stop loss too. Set the limit price. Risk rewards of 1:3 are preferable. You will be free from anxiety. Also fear.

Do not look chart

If you look at the chart after entry, many people will be anxious. In this case, one option is not to look PC also smartphone. As I mentioned earlier, i think you can rest assured if you enter the limit price stop price. Let is stay away from the market.

Have the consciousness to entrust everything to the market.

After entry, there is nothing that the trader can control.