[Stocks, FX, virtual currency] Compatibility between game nerds and trades Mana


Mana is a popular game series sold by Square Enix. Square Enix specializes in RPG games, but this game series is an action-type role-playing game. Therefore, it is a game that requires not only the story but also the skill of the player, and it is a game that can be enjoyed in a wide variety of ways. The process of getting stronger in this game is the same for trading. Players who can win this game may also win trades.


What is the Seiken Densetsu?

Mana is a popular series from Square Enix. Originally this game was considered a derivative of FINAL FANTASY, but it has taken its own path. Since it was released in 1991, it is a series that has been producing new works. The main character is an action-type game in which you use a sword to defeat enemies and advance the story. This game has also been released outside Japan, and the cumulative number of units sold has exceeded 8 million, making it a hit.


Seiken Densetsu Series

Mana was released on Game Boy in 1991. After that, it is a series that new works continue to appear.

Seiken Densetsu1991
Seiken Densetsu 21993
Seiken Densetsu 31995
Seiken Densetsu 42006
Seiken Densetsu Collection2017

Trade with Seiken Densetsu

Since Mana is not only a role-playing game but also an action-type battle game, it is necessary to know the movements, techniques, and characteristics of the enemy. It is a game in which you know the movement and devise countermeasures to capture it. Games like this are also common in trading. Trading also has to learn price movements, market habits, currency pairs, etc.


Action-type games are games that require skill. You can’t win the game on your own, so it’s a game where you can improve by learning about the opponent’s movements and skills, devising countermeasures, and practicing. Therefore, this process is very similar to trading, and it is very applicable in trading. Trading also needs to be thoroughly practiced.


Action-type games can be improved by practicing many times and gaining experience points. Because of its characteristics, you will be able to win stably as you gain experience. This is an idea that can also be applied to trading. By accumulating experience points, you will be able to win efficiently.

the study

Game nerds tend to thoroughly capture until they completely conquer one game. I tend to finish all the scenarios, items, etc. until I have collected them. This is an idea that can also be applied to trading. As for trading, the market price fluctuates day by day, so we have to learn.