To be able to win in Forex


This article is for Forex beginners. In order to win in Forex, you must first select one trading method and continue that method thoroughly. I think that there are many ways to win on the Internet nowadays, but I don’t know what to do with this or that. First of all, let’s decide your own policy. And instead of trying to win suddenly, it’s about going leisurely. If you don’t have any method, please use the method of the article I wrote.


Limit trading method to one

If you are a beginner, first choose only one trading method. I think that there are various methods in the world, but first of all, one is enough, so let’s do it hard for several months to half a year. There is one thing you should never do. It’s about turning to multiple techniques and doing them all. Forex pros don’t really use that many techniques. One or two is enough. If you shift your eyes and try various things, all of them will end halfway and your arms will not rise.

Obey the trading rules

Next, let’s wait until the entry timing for the selected method. If you make a useless entry in an unrelated place, or if you get frustrated and make a revenge entry, you will lose with a high probability. Every method has an entry timing, so wait and follow the rules. It works better at first if you are bound by the rules. If unnecessary losses are reduced, we will make a big step forward to total plus.

Trade only when your mind is stable

In a sense, it’s more important than the method. If you can’t keep calm, stop trading. We recommend that you stay away from your smartphone or computer. When you’re excited or angry, you’re definitely destined to lose the trade. Your mental state is highly dependent on the outcome of the trade.


1. Limit the trading method to one and do it thoroughly

2. Obey the trading rules

3. Trade only when your mind is stable

Please continue this for a few months to a year. Useless entry There will be no useless defeat, and the total plus will be much closer.