Number of trades = profit does not always increase


Do you think that forex beginners will surely increase their profits as the number of trades increases? This has to do with trading style, winning percentage, etc., but this is not always the case. Poor money management can result in the loss of all property in a single trade. In addition, there is a possibility that all the funds lost due to loss cuts so far will be returned in one trade. It all depends on how you do it. That will change the answer.


Even if the winning percentage is high, it will be a total minus

You can keep a small price range up and down and repeat small wins in an attempt to win in the range market. You can sell when you go up and buy when you go down. The winning percentage will exceed 90%. However, the range market will collapse someday. When a big trend goes up or down, a big loss occurs, and in some cases it is possible to lose all the funds in one trade without being able to cut off the loss.

Even if the winning percentage is low, it will be a total plus

Suppose that you continue to make mistakes aiming for a trend change and small negatives accumulate, resulting in a difficult development. However, if you grasp the timing of the trend change at a certain timing, hold a position for a long time and take a large price range, it may be possible to assume that there was no accumulation of small losses with this profit. It’s just one trade. In other words, the winning percentage is very low, but it will be a total plus.

It is important to compete with your own setup and method

The important thing is to continue trading with your own method. Even if the winning percentage is low or the number of trades is small, it is not always the case that the profit is small. The answer depends on the method, the strategy, and even the method of managing funds. And for that matter, the answer depends on whether it is a short-term trade or a long-term trade. Establishing a trading style that suits you is essential for longevity. The key to longevity is to establish a trading style that allows you to trade reasonably and with a shallow loss.