Growth curve


If you are new to Forex or have just started, please read it. Do you think that you can make a huge profit from the first day when you start Forex? This is a big pit and is destined to hurt every time you put in a lot of money. Not limited to trading, it can be applied to all fields that require experience, skills, and knowledge, such as languages, programming, and sports, but it does not happen 100% suddenly. So the trade is the same. It ’s absolutely impossible to win in one day.


Even super traders are losing at first

Famous Forex traders BNF and Testa in Japan, and famous traders such as Richard Dennis overseas have stated, but they are not millionaires in a day. It was painful and frustrated over and over again until it went well. This means that even talented people have proven that everything doesn’t work at first.

Growth curve is not rising

Not limited to the field, but almost 0% of people start from the first day and continue to work. The same is true for trading, and the days of trial and error will surely continue. Isn’t it not growing because of repeated periods of depression and floating? The time I think is longer. However, knowledge and experience are accumulated without the person’s knowledge.

When can you grow

① Do not give up and continue the same method anyway.

⇒Do not change the method. By repeating one method all the time, you can see the habits of how to win and how to move the chart, and as a result, you can see various ways to win from one method.

② Do not shake mentally.

⇒Do not make revenge entry. If the unrealized gain becomes an unrealized loss and the loss is cut off, blood tends to rise in the head. If you can’t keep calm, it’s recommended that you don’t look at the charts and don’t trade. It results in a 100% reduction in funds when wasteful trades and emotions are restless.

③ Wait until your entry timing comes

⇒ Many people want to enter in extra places if the waiting time becomes even a little longer. This is not recommended as it has a fairly high probability of losing. Never touch until the entry timing for your winning method comes. The market is not moving for the trader’s convenience.

If you keep stabilizing these three points, the results will surely start to come out at some point and the funds will suddenly increase. Until then, it’s important to be patient and continue. Forex charts are very similar to human growth curves.