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iForex is a long-established Forex company founded in 1996. They handle a large number of stocks and can trade 1046 stocks. Forex currency pair 83, stock index 33, energy 6, precious metals 6, commodity futures 8, virtual currency 17, stocks 845, ETF47. The reliability is higher than other companies in the same industry because it is a long-established overseas Forex company with 3 financial licenses and more than 20 years of operation history. It is also the most loss-tolerant company with the characteristic that the loss cut level is set to 0%. This time I’m writing about iForex companies and licenses.


Company information

iForex is an overseas Forex brand operated by iForex. The FX trading service started in 1996 and is known as a company with a very long operating period in the world.

Company NameiForex
Headquarters location15 Nikis st., Syntagma Square,10557 Athens, Greece
Business start date1996
Capital14922898 USD 
Number of employees198 people


A financial license is issued by the financial authorities of the country and is a permit for conducting a financial business. Without this, you cannot carry out business activities. The countries with strict examination standards in the world are said to be the United Kingdom and Cyprus. The UK Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) has very strict not only license acquisition but also maintenance standards, such as having to compensate up to £ 85,000 per person in the event of a Forex trader’s bankruptcy. The Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CySec) is said to be the second highest screening country after the United Kingdom. So is iForex licensed?

Company NameAcquisition license
iForex Nemzeti Bank of Hungary (PSZAF)
iForex Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CySEC)
iForex British Virgin Islands Financial Services Commission (BVIFSC)

Whether or not withdrawal is refused

It will be the most worrisome place for traders who actually trade. There is no Forex company that refuses to deposit, but I am wondering if I can really withdraw when I can make a profit. What about iForex, as some companies run away at worst? The patterns of withdrawal refusals from past cases are summarized below.

Case studyContents
ScalpingScalping more than 10 times a day is prohibited.
Automatic tradingFX NetView is adopted as the iForex trading tool, and automatic trading is not available.
Transactions using rate delayThere may be a delay between the exchange rate being set and the delivery. Taking advantage of this rate delay, trading is a violation of the rules and is subject to withdrawal refusal.
Creating multiple accountsiForex can only create one account per person. Creating multiple accounts is a violation. You cannot withdraw money.
Withdrawal of bonusWith iForex, you cannot withdraw only deposit bonuses or only swap points.
Unsubmitted identity verification documentsWith iForex, you cannot withdraw without submitting your ID.
Bank transfer without SWIFT registrationWith iForex, you cannot withdraw because it cannot be recognized.
ArbitrageArbitrage is a violation. You cannot withdraw money.
Double-deckerBoth buildings are prohibited. Both denominated is a trading method that holds positions of the same brand at the same time.