Hong Kong economic indicators


Hong Kong Economic Indicators The Hong Kong dollar is a minor currency and may not be traded very often. The characteristic of the Hong Kong dollar is that it is closely related to China and is influenced by China’s political economy. Since Hong Kong has a stable financial market in its own country, it is said to be a safe currency with little fear of volatility, so it is said that it will not undergo extreme volatility. Here is a list of economic indicators in Hong Kong. You only need to be aware of the most important ones.


Retail sales (importance: medium)

An economic indicator that summarizes the sales amount of retailers and service providers. By knowing how much money consumers have spent on purchasing goods, it is possible to judge the economic conditions of the country and trends in personal consumption.

Consumer Price Index (Importance: Medium)

An economic indicator that investigates and calculates fluctuations in the retail prices of various types of consumption and services purchased by consumers. It is an abbreviation for “Consumer Price Index” in English and is also called “CPI”. The purpose is to measure fluctuations in prices themselves.

Employment Statistics (Importance: High)

It is an index that shows the employment situation, and many people are surveyed, so it is possible to grasp the situation of the labor market. I will move the market price.

Gross Domestic Product (GDP) (Importance: High)

Gross domestic product is one of the most representative economic indicators released in various countries around the world, and is widely known by the abbreviation of GDP (abbreviation of Gross Domestic Product). Gross domestic product is an index showing the total added value of goods and services produced in Japan within a certain period of time.

Trade balance (importance: low)

It is the balance of imports and exports. A situation where the export value exceeds the import value is called a trade surplus, and a situation where the import value exceeds the export value is called a trade deficit.

Hong Kong policy rate (importance: high)

This is a policy announcement regarding interest rates announced by the Hong Kong Monetary Authority (HKMA, equivalent to the Central Bank). Be careful with the indicators that move the market most.