[Investment fraud] Solicitation of Forex, stocks, virtual currency, and binary options on Instagram


SNS is very developed in modern society. Facebook may be on the decline, but Twitter and Instagram are very active and are tools that are widely used by both young and old. However, there are many people who do not know that investment fraud using this convenient SNS is occurring frequently. There are various investments such as stocks, FX, virtual currencies, online casinos, binary options, etc., but the reality is that there are so many people who are forced to buy expensive tools or cheat.


Characteristics of investment fraud

Examples of investment fraud include: If any of these apply to you, be sure to withdraw. There is a very high chance that you will be hurt.

  • Being told to buy expensive information products
  • Invited to paid study sessions and investment salons
  • If you don’t pay, you can’t take classes
  • Asks a lot of questions about personal information

Basically, at the time of the first step, there is only fraud in the pattern of claiming money. In order to avoid being deceived, you need to think carefully about whether it is worth the money in the first place.

Fraud schemes on Instagram

Many self-proclaimed investors are soliciting investment on Instagram, but the pattern of fraud has been determined to some extent. If any of the following applies to you, please do not get involved. You are likely to be deceived.

Push-selling of information products

In most cases, vendors who force you to buy information products run away after making them buy it. This is only the sales of information products, and most of them are scammers who make a living, not people who live on actual stocks and virtual currency trading. Please do not buy it as it will only deceive you.

Solicitation to investment salons and paid membership services

Also beware of vendors who advertise as if those who joined the investment salon became rich. You can’t win in trading just by entering the investment salon. Most of the investment salons are paid and many are expensive, and there are many cases where expensive information products are sold to those who have actually joined. In addition, the content of the lectures at the investment salon is thin, and there are many things that are unsatisfactory.

Investment lecture

Since I will teach you how to trade, there are many traders who first ask for money. Good contractors often use performance-based compensation and do not charge money in advance. Most of them cheat money and escape, so please do not get involved.

Personal information collection

Some companies collect personal information. There is a high possibility that a contractor who asks detailed information such as name and date of birth, address, gender, family composition, etc. is a fraudster. There is a possibility that personal information will be collected and business will be done, so be sure to withdraw when you think it is suspicious.