[Stocks, FX, Cryptocurrencies] Compatibility between game nerds and trades Super Smash Bros. Series


Super Smash Bros. Series is a popular game series sold by Nintendo. This is a game in which Nintendo’s game characters gather and fight. This game is a very deep game because the opponent is AI or human. It is a game that needs to respond flexibly depending on how the opponent appears and how to fight, and this responsiveness can also be applied to trading. Flexible trading is required for stocks and exchanges depending on the situation.


Super Smash Bros. Series

The Super Smash Bros. series was released in 1999 during the Nintendo 64 era and was very popular from the beginning. The most distinctive feature of this series, which has the character of a fighting game, is the victory condition of the game. Instead of competing for physical strength as in a conventional fighting game, the person who falls from the stage of the game to the outside is defeated, and the person who remains on the stage until the end is the winner. Since popular characters are gathered from Nintendo games, it is a game that has been a great success, holding the hearts of each game enthusiast. The latest work is Super Smash Bros. SPECIAL, which was released in 2018. Sales of Smash Bros. are increasing year by year, and the number of units sold worldwide currently exceeds 27 million.



The biggest feature of this game series is the lineup of game characters from the Nintendo series. Mario in the “Super Mario” series, Link in the “The Legend of Zelda” series, Kirby in the “Kirby of the Stars” series, Pikachu in the “Pokemon” series, and all the other stars make it a very popular game. There is.

Deadly trick

Each character has its own special move. Since the power and effect are greater than normal tricks, the chances of getting tricks are also larger, so it is necessary to ask for gaps according to the movement of the opponent.


The character can wear a spherical shield to guard the opponent’s attack. As the attack is guarded and time passes, the shield becomes smaller, and if the shield breaks, it will stun for a certain period of time.

Emergency avoidance

There is a specification that you can use emergency avoidance that moves while becoming invincible for a moment if you play and input in a direction other than the top while guarding. You can avoid forward and backward depending on the direction you are facing.


It is a specification that you can throw forward and backward by grasping the opponent and tilting the stick to the left or right within a certain time while catching the opponent.

Trade with Smash Brothers

Smash Bros. and trading go very well together. The skills and experience gained in this game can be applied to trading. Trading is very similar to an action game because you have to move according to the movement of your opponent (market price).


In Smash Brothers, the other party will be AI or human, but since you will respond while watching the other party’s movement, you will acquire very flexible responsiveness. This can also be applied to trading, and if the point you entered is wrong, you will be able to stop loss immediately and run away, and if it is the other way around, you will be able to hold it for a long time and accumulate profits.


Smash Brothers should be used after timing when using big tricks. This technique can also be applied to trading. It is important to timely trade and enter aiming at the reversal point of buying to selling and selling to buying. Once this is possible, traders can take it to 100% Total Plus.

the study

Game nerds tend to play the game thoroughly and continue until they get better and win. This kind of inquiry is also very useful in trading. It will take some time before you can win the trade. By practicing thoroughly until you can win, you will be able to accumulate stable trades and stable profits.