[Stocks, FX, virtual currency] Compatibility between game nerds and trades Star Fox


Star Fox is a popular game series sold by Nintendo. The main character, Fox, has also appeared in another software, Smash Bros., and many people who do not know this series will know it. Star Fox is a typical shooter game where you can use your skills and experience. Games that require such skills and experience are very similar to the process of improving trading.


What is Star Fox?

Star Fox is a shooting game where you attack and destroy enemies with a laser or smart bomb. For a shooting game, it has a strong story, and a system called forced scrolling is adopted, and it is a specification that can only follow a predetermined course. The stage on the main story has branch points, and it is characterized by multiple ways to enjoy it. Basically, aerial battles are conducted with fighters, but depending on the stage, ground battles such as the Landmaster, which is a tank, may also be conducted.


Star fox series

Star Fox released its first work in the series in 1993. After that, it is a series that continues to release new works until 2017.

Star Fox1993
Star Fox 641997
Star Fox Adventures2002
Star Fox: Assault2005
Star Fox Command2006
Star Fox 64 3D2011
Star Fox Zero2016
Star Fox Guard2016
Star Fox22017

Trade with Star Fox

Star Fox is a typical shooting game. It is a game that you can never clear if you play it properly. Therefore, it is a game that requires skill and experience, and requires techniques that will allow you to improve and clear while making many mistakes. Such a process can also be used in the world of trading.


Shooting games cannot be won on your own. You need to understand the movement of AI that appears on the screen and change your own movement according to the movement of the other party. And by practicing over and over again, you will improve and your skills will become stronger. This process is also necessary for trading. No trader can win from the beginning. You will make many mistakes and improve. The process of improving in such a shooting game can also be utilized in trading.


Shooting games start suddenly and never go well. You need to start by knowing the specifications of the game and the movement of AI. And as you improve, your experience points will increase and you will be able to win stably. This process is exactly the same for trading. Trading also requires experience. It doesn’t work from the beginning.

the study

Shooting games have to do a lot of research to win. Inquisitive people tend to be able to win games like this. On the other hand, people who are tired of it will throw it and quit. The same is true in the world of trading. It is necessary to understand the price movement and to know the movement before competing. People who can do research will definitely win, even if they lose at first.