[Stocks, FX, virtual currency] Compatibility between game nerds and trades Super Mario Bros.


Super Mario Bros. is a popular game series developed by Nintendo. This is an action-type game in which you use the main character Mario and his younger brother Luigi to defeat the enemy and head toward the goal. This game became a popular game in the 1980s, which was called NES, and gained a lot of fans. Action-type games like this are very compatible with trading. Both require skill and experience.


What is Super Mario Bros.

Super Mario Bros. is an action game under a fixed screen where the player controls the main character Mario and his younger brother Luigi, and while defeating enemy characters, heads toward the goal. Each time you defeat one enemy, you will get points, and as the stage progresses, the difficulty level will increase and become more difficult. When playing with two people, Mario becomes a 1-player character and Luigi becomes a 2-player character, and either one is operated. It was a very popular game in the late 1900s because it was a very simple game.


Social phenomenon

Super Mario Brothers is known as a game that maximizes the recognition of NES games. It became a social phenomenon and was a game known to most people in the late 1900s. Also, many action games at that time were damaged when they touched the enemy, but this game is a method of trampling and defeating the enemy, and both defense and attack are summarized as a simple game, and it is the world’s 1st. It became a hit work of the rank.


There are many Super Mario Bros. works, but the big flow is almost the same. Princess Peach, the princess of the Mushroom Kingdom, is kidnapped by Bowser, and Mario and Luigi start their journey together to help her. Mario and Luigi are plumbers. By defeating the last boss, Bowser, you will rescue Princess Peach and clear the game.

Trade with Super Mario Bros.

Since Super Mario Bros. is a typical action game, it is often impossible to win suddenly. After practicing many times, you will continue to make mistakes and gradually improve and you will be able to win. This process is the same for trading. No one can win from the beginning.


Since Super Mario Bros. is an action game, you need to understand the operation method and specifications of enemy characters and capture the game. By practicing many times and getting better, you will improve and acquire skills. This process is the same for trading. It is almost impossible to win a trade suddenly. By practicing many times, you will improve and win.


Action games make many mistakes and gradually improve from the next time. This is because experience points are accumulated by learning from past mistakes. As a result, you will gradually be able to easily understand the specifications and operation methods of the game, and you will be able to win. This is an idea that can also be applied to trading. You will be able to win trades by grasping price movement habits and market trends.

the study

Game nerds are generally very particular about it, and continue to play games in pursuit of the ultimate form. By continuing this, you will improve endlessly. This idea is also necessary for trading. The market is constantly moving and changing, so it is a world where those who continue to learn will survive. Therefore, it can be said that winning a game is very similar to winning a trade.