[Stocks, Forex, virtual currency] Investment online salon fraud


The online salon is a place to learn about investment and exchange information via the Internet. Unlike ordinary salons, information is disseminated and studied via the Internet, but in recent years, fraud in this online salon has increased rapidly. At first, it was only an online salon related to stock and FX investment, but in recent years, the number of investment fields such as virtual currency and binary options is increasing. Since there is no need to bother to hold seminars face-to-face, it is an advantage that you can easily participate, but frauds that abuse this are increasing.


What is an online salon?

An online salon is a community with a monthly or flat rate system, and the monthly fee is decided by the owner, and the fee varies. It is a service that holds events and lectures with video content, creates a place for exchanging opinions such as off-campus meetings, holds study sessions, and disseminates special member information, especially after the coronavirus epidemic. Business is growing very rapidly. The feature of online salons is that it is easy to create friendship and friendship, and it is easy for members to interact with each other. It is not a place where people with different purposes and values gather like office workers, so there is an advantage that you can work hard by gathering friends with the same goals.

Online salons can be said to be a very useful service because they can ask for useful information. It is very efficient because you can get the information you want preferentially. In addition, there are now study sessions to improve skills, which also helps to improve the skills of the individual. Online salons are now developing in various genres such as music, yoga, ballet, politics, and economy, not limited to investment. There are various fields, and the instructors are now being served by experienced people, which gives the impression that they are becoming more useful.

Online Salon Scam

However, in recent years, an increasing number of unscrupulous vendors have abused this online salon to sell expensive information products and demand high monthly membership fees. Increasingly, online salon owners are attracting members via SNS and Youtube, and forcible solicitations are becoming more prominent. An increasing number of salons are artificially created by popular influencers who lie, and by forging the reputation of users, making them look like popular salons and making high-priced charges to new members. .. Under such circumstances, users need to identify how they are fraudulent.

Determine the level of the caller

What you should pay attention to when exchanging information and seminars at online salons is the experience and skills of the sender. From the user’s point of view, they should be looking for the latest information only for members, information and know-how to improve technical capabilities, and advice based on experience. On the other hand, if you don’t have the information of the sender, it is not a very useful salon. If you are not very satisfied with the information sent, we recommend that you withdraw from the salon as soon as possible.

High monetary demand

Online salons run by unscrupulous vendors may have too high an admission fee, too high a monthly membership fee, or sell suspicious information products at a high price after enrollment. This is only a burden to you, so please unsubscribe as soon as possible. This is because services with a large financial burden are only risks. There are so many online salons to choose from now that there is no merit to work in a salon that charges a large amount of money.

You can’t acquire the technique

Even if you join the online salon, you should withdraw from the online salon where you do not acquire your skills and experience points. You’re paying, so it’s not worth anything unless it’s good for you. The major ones are “delivering signals and trading as instructed” regarding trading of stocks, FX, binary options, virtual currencies, etc., and companies that provide such services are not willing to teach technology. In the end, it doesn’t make any sense unless you improve your strength.