Precautions for FX seminars


FX seminars are held by various instructors all year round. Not limited to Forex, beginners who are just starting to invest join such seminars and salons with the desire to win as soon as possible, but there are very many cases where they are deceived and deceived by money. Be careful of those who are tempted by sweet words and those who appeal for high reproducibility. Most of them are scams. Please refer to the article about what kind of scams there are.


Check the seminar contents

Before attending the Forex seminar, please check carefully what kind of content you are holding the seminar. “Free seminars for beginners” are held in various places all year round, but there are always bad guys who gather a lot of inexperienced Forex traders and sell suspicious products. Consider whether the seminar really benefits you before attending the Forex seminar. Not all seminars are fraudulent. However, the number of suspicious seminars is increasing.

Also, it doesn’t really matter if it’s a well-known company or a celebrity seminar. It’s more important to be beneficial to yourself.

Fraud seminar

Try to tell if the Forex seminar is a scam. For seminars like the ones below, don’t go too deep and go home immediately.

Lecture content is suspicious

Many of the lectures given by fraudsters are suspicious, such as “Anyone can win immediately” and “You can win without experience or knowledge”. FX is a tough world where only 10% can win. You can’t win right away without knowledge and experience. Therefore, if you feel uncomfortable with the content of the lecture, go home.

Sell expensive information products

This is an example of selling Forex automated trading tools and Forex tools. In the first place, there is no merit to purchase the FX automatic trading tool for a fee nowadays. There are many free automated trading tools on the net. Please do not touch the vendors who sell for a fee as they are suspicious.

Be registered in a suspicious list

In some Forex seminars, participants’ names, addresses, phone numbers, etc. may be asked and registered in the list of fraudulent merchandise stores. If you register, you will get a lot of contacts after that. Please note that most of the time you buy high-priced products.

There is a forcible solicitation

Please note that when you go to the Forex seminar, there is a suspicious trader who forcibly invites you to a paid Forex salon after the seminar. Engaging with such a vendor does not mean anything. Most of the salons are meaningless and you can’t expect your own growth at all.

There is also a free Forex salon

There are many paid Forex seminars and salons, but there are also Forex salons and Forex seminars that you can participate in for free. If you want to avoid suspicious things, choose an event that you can attend for free. It’s a great deal to learn useful information for free.

Not all Forex seminars in the world are fraudulent. However, the number of events by very suspicious vendors is increasing. Never avoid the consequences of being deceived by your money.