[Stocks, FX] Political knowledge is essential for 2022 trading


2022 is likely to be a very difficult year for the world. In Russia, Putin has suggested a nuclear attack, and in Ukraine there are also civilian killings by Russian troops, and Belarus is about to launch an attack on Ukraine. As the front expands, the foreign exchange and stock markets are turbulent, causing quite large surges and collapses. This year, traders will definitely need political knowledge and information. There is even the possibility of World War.


Prolonged war

As of March 1, 2022, the war continues between Russia and Ukraine. Far from being able to defeat major cities such as the capital Kyiv and Kharkov, the Russian army is still in revenge and has lost a large number of soldiers. A ceasefire agreement was signed on February 28, but Russia’s request was “demilitarization of Ukraine”, which was unacceptable at all. Weapons and food from Western countries are being supplied one after another from the Ukrainian bag. Perhaps the battle will be prolonged.

Putin’s operations all failed

Russia was planning to surrender Ukraine in a day or two and build a puppet state, but it has lost a large number of soldiers due to Ukrainian resistance far beyond imagination. What was even more unexpected was that the EU was united by Russian sanctions and is imposing thorough economic sanctions. Finland wants to join NATO and Ukraine is demanding EU membership, which is the most feared development for Putin and his military. And the ruble plunged due to economic sanctions. Even if Russia beats Ukraine, it is decisive that the country itself will collapse. In addition, Putin was even more reluctant to suggest the use of nuclear weapons to Western countries, and economic sanctions were even heavier.

Participation in Belarus

The Ukrainian government announced on March 1, 2022 that Belarusian troops had invaded the country of Ukraine. This means that the front has expanded, and things are definitely getting worse. Belarus is a puppet state of Russia, and if Ukraine loses, Ukraine will become a country like Belarus. And next to Belarus is Poland, a NATO member, so if the front expands, NATO troops will definitely intervene. If that happens, it will be 100% World War.

East Asia

In East Asia, the Beijing Olympics will be over and the Paralympics will be held. However, as the world’s eyes are focused on Russia, China is aiming to invade Japan and Taiwan by taking a chance, and the signs are already visible. On February 24, nine Chinese military aircraft invaded Taiwan in the Air Defense Identification Zone (ADIZ). In Japan, a Chinese Navy frigate is passing near Miyakojima on March 1, and there is a possibility that it will launch an attack on Japan and Taiwan with a chance. Furthermore, as introduced in the following article, the Chinese Communist Party is also invading Vietnam, the Philippines, and India, and it is unknown where the war will begin. The US military is constantly patrolling the Pacific Ocean on this front, and it can be dealt with immediately, but this makes it difficult for the US military to send reinforcements to Ukraine.

Political indicators are the most important

With the above background, the world situation is only getting worse. In such a situation, it is impossible to win the trade only by technical analysis. You need to know when and where a new battle will begin. Politics has a greater impact than economic indicators and changes market movements by 180 degrees Celsius. Unless China, Russia and the dictatorship that stirs the world disappear, politics will always drive the market. The war is no longer at a level that will end this year, and it may even develop into a world war. It is important to trade carefully as the market will suddenly become rough.