[FX] Let’s use the automatic stop-loss setting

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Not everyone who trades in Forex is a genius. Everyone has time to eat and sleep. In such a case, do you ever get worried about the chart and can’t sleep? Unfortunately, the market is always moving except Saturdays and Sundays, whether the trader is awake or sleeping. Therefore, traders must act in line with the market. I don’t want to have a big fluctuation while sleeping and have a very big unrealized loss. There is an automatic stop-loss setting to prevent this.


Automatic stop-loss setting

It is very important to predetermine profit taking and stop-loss levels before entry. It is important to set a rule that “when you reach this point, you will definitely make a stop-loss settlement.” However, you need to be up for 24 hours to do that. Humans cannot be awake 24 hours a day. Therefore, there is an automatic stop-loss setting. Today’s Forex companies can place stop orders (stop orders) at the same time as entry. Stop-loss is automatically performed at a preset level.

Merit 1: You can live a human life

The advantage of having an automatic stop-loss setting is that you can sleep with peace of mind while holding a position. You can also go out with the position still in place. You can even date with your position in place. You can do other things without staring at the movement of the chart. You can eat or take a bath while trading. You can also do housework. It can be said that this function is indispensable for living a human life.

Advantage 2: Protect your assets

By setting the automatic stop-loss insurance, even if an unexpected surge or crash occurs, the payment will be made automatically, so you will not have to make a big loss. Traders can do other work with this setting and sleep with peace of mind. There is no reason not to use such a convenient function. Unless you are very particular about it and want to cut off your own discretionary loss, you will not be in trouble.

Forex company that can set automatic stop-loss

Then, where is the Forex company that can set the automatic stop-loss cut? Most of the major Forex companies have this function. The link below is a major Forex company, but any company can set a stop-loss insurance. There is no point in becoming a Forex trader and becoming a deceased person. It is decided that it is better to be able to trade in a healthy state of health.