[Stocks, FX, virtual currency] Compatibility between game nerds and trades Battlefield Edition


Battlefield is a very popular game sold by Electronic Arts in the United States. A shooting game with the theme of a fictional war. Since it is a shooting game, it is a game that requires skill, and you need to improve your skills by playing a lot of games. A game of honing your skills like this is a lot like trading. By practicing trading many times, you can improve your skills and win.


What is Battlefield?

Battlefield is a game that specializes in large maps, teamwork, vehicle warfare, and online multiplayer. Players become soldiers of their respective armies, fighting and fighting for their own victory. Players sometimes fight with tanks, fighters, battleships, etc., and since there are various fields to fight, it is a game that you can win by accumulating experience. Players need to change the way they fight according to the battle situation.


Battlefield series

Battlefield’s first software was released in 2002. Since then, many works have been released one after another with the theme of war. The latest work is Battlefield 2042 in 2021.

Battlefield 19422002
Battlefield Vietnam2004
Battlefield 22005
Battlefield 2 Modern Combat2005
Battlefield 21422006
Battlefield: Bad Company2008
Battlefield 19432008
Battlefield: Bad Company22010
Battlefield 32011
Battlefield 42013
Battlefield Hardline2015
Battlefield 12016
Battlefield V2018
Battlefield 20422021

Trade with battlefield

Battlefields come in a variety of ways and styles. This does not mean that players will be able to win immediately. From that, players can win by honing their experience and skills. This process is the same for trading. By practicing many times, you will get a total plus.


In Battlefield, you need to practice hard and hone your skills to win. Thorough practice is essential for that. It is a game that requires skill because the field to fight changes each time. It’s like a game that requires the same skill in trading. There are few people who can win suddenly even in a trade. You need to practice thoroughly to be able to win. Game nerds can practice until they can win, which makes them suitable for trading.


By making many mistakes in the battlefield, you will go through the process of accumulating your own experience points and improving. This process is the same for trading. As for trading, you will learn many charts, price movement patterns, market properties, etc., and gradually you will be able to win. No one can win suddenly. Game nerds are good at trading because they can work hard.

the study

Battlefield is a game that recreates a fairly realistic war, and you will improve by practicing and studying until you can win. This process is the same for trading. The market price of trades also changes from day to day. By continuing to learn, you will be able to win.