Forex operation fraud


There will be many people who want to win in Forex. However, in reality, only about 10% can win in Forex. This is not easy to win because Forex is an investment that requires skill and experience. Therefore, some people think that they can easily win by using shortcuts. Under such circumstances, the FX operation service that has been born is a professional trader who entrusts funds and operates them instead. However, there are an increasing number of scams that abuse this type of service to deceive money.


Forex management company

There are many services out there that allow professional traders to trade on their behalf and investors to earn the profits earned by the traders. About 10% to 30% of the profit will be the trader’s share, and the rest will be distributed to the investors. In order to carry out this service, investors also tend to deposit money with traders who have a certain level of ability, and in order to establish this service, it is essential that there are traders who have a certain level of ability.

Operational fraud

The number of companies that operate such FX is increasing, but frauds that abuse this are increasing rapidly. As the techniques are gradually becoming visible, the patterns are listed below. If any of these apply, please refrain from investing and call the police.

Illegal activity

Forex management companies gather a large number of investors and aim for profits. At that time, as a solicitation word, he lied to “absolutely earn” and “100% principal is guaranteed” to deceive investors. Scammers have been using SNS and matching apps to attract investors in recent years. There is absolutely no investment. Every time you trade, you have the same probability of risk and return. In other words, even a skilled and skilled trader always cuts losses. There is no guarantee that you will make any money.

Operation camouflage

Although he claims to be an FX management company, in reality there is no reality at all, and there are many examples of taking away the money collected from investors. Since he claims to be a fictitious management company, he is not actually doing anything. Fraudsters pretend to be in control, so investors should research the manager before investing. It could be a fictitious company.

Presenting fictitious achievements

Fraudsters try to reassure investors and take money by forging fictitious achievements that they have never mentioned and showing them to investors. Forex is not a collateral for the future, even if it has good past results. Therefore, even if you have a good track record in the past, it is important not to be a cormorant. Also, scammers show only convenient achievements. Therefore, you should be suspicious if the result is too good.

Traders are fictitious

Fraudsters often show the performance of the traders they operate, but sometimes the traders are fictitious or show false performances. Investors first need to consider whether the trader is credible and whether the trader exists in the first place.