[Stocks, Forex, Virtual Currency] Investment Trader and Cat Munchkin Edition


Munchkin is a popular cat breed and is a beloved animal all over the world. Many people keep it as a trader because it is a creature with very short limbs and a very cute way of walking. Traders are always under pressure and are a profession that requires healing. Under such circumstances, cats can be said to be very compatible animals that heal the hearts of traders. Please be healed by the cute voice of the cat.


Place of origin

North America is the place of origin.


Munchkin is a naturally occurring cat breed due to a genetic mutation. It is said to have been first reported in England in 1944. After that, it will be discovered in Russia and the United States. Full-scale history came in 1983, when there was a short-legged cat that lived under a truck in Louisiana, USA. This cat is characterized by its very short legs and was named Blackberry. The kittens born from this cat were also born with short limbs, so it was found that cats with short limbs could breed, and full-scale mating began. The Munchkin was first exhibited at the 1991 cat show. Munchkin was officially recognized as a new breed of cat by the international cat pedigree registration organization TICA in 1995.


The biggest feature of Munchkin is its short legs. Because of their short legs, they are popular because they are very cute to walk. Munchkins are famous for their short legs, but it is said that crossing short-legged cats is likely to cause stillbirth of kittens. There are several types of coat colors and patterns, including cream, white, black, and brown, and many cats have hair in multiple colors instead of just one. Munchkin eyes include amber, green, and hazel.


Munchkins, like other cats, are very capricious and selfish. However, when they feel like it, they may play with humans or sleep with them. Munchkins are curious and react to anything they play. I also miss humans. If you take good care of them, you will gradually be close to their owners. Munchkins are often familiar to people they meet for the first time.


Munchkin can be disciplined. It also remembers the toilet etc. However, on the other hand, if you keep a wild adult munchkin, it is likely that you will not be able to discipline it more than you think. You may not remember it well because your childhood habits are so ingrained.


The average lifespan of a munchkin is about 11.0 years. Other cats are around 15 years old, so they are short-lived cats.

Compatibility with traders

Traders are always living with great stress. Therefore, it is a profession that tends to be stressed unilaterally, so it is essential to have a pet that can heal properly. Munchkins will play with humans if you feel like it. In addition, they will welcome you when you come home. And when they go to bed, they are animals that sleep together in the futon. Therefore, it is an animal that is very compatible with traders because it also heals the exhausted mind. People who live alone are especially recommended pets. Munchkins tend to be more nostalgic than other cats.

Breeding tools

If you keep a munchkin, make sure you have at least the following tools.

As for food, there is cat food, so please give it.

Cat food

Bring a carry bag when you go to the veterinary clinic.

Cat Carry bag

Toilet tools are a must for cats.

Cat Toilet

Let’s prepare a bed exclusively for cats.

Cat Bed

Cats are animals that do not exercise themselves, so it would be nice to have exercise equipment.

Cat Tower