[Stocks, FX, virtual currencies] Characteristics of investment fraudsters


Currently, various fraud cases are increasing in society. It is a serious problem as fraudulent damage is spreading not only in specific countries but all over the world. There are various forms of fraud such as expensive information teaching materials, FX automatic trading tools, ICOs, and fictitious billing, and it is becoming a society that is extremely difficult to detect. This time, I wrote an article that summarizes the common characteristics of what kind of actions scammers take. Be careful if any of them apply.


Characteristics of fraudsters

The actions taken by fraudsters have certain characteristics. Do not invest if any of the following apply:

Example 1: Don’t show your face

Scammers tend not to show their faces. This is because once your face is known, you cannot deceive people with the same technique. This is a common tendency for scams via matching apps and cryptocurrency investment solicitation scams, and escapes immediately after deceiving money. Never invest.

Example 2: Hurry up a decision

When a scammer actually commits a scam, he rushes the answer. If you give the other person time to think, you will notice the contradictions and flaws in your remarks, so we will urge you to say, “If you don’t make a decision today, you won’t be in time” or “If you don’t invest this month, you’ll be in trouble.” The feature is that you will be asked for an immediate answer, so if you notice this, please do not invest.

Example 3: Payment method

One of the characteristics of scammers is that they care about transaction history. This is proof because if you specify a bank transfer etc., the transfer history will remain. Scammers are supposed to flee after deceiving money, so it’s very embarrassing to have a record. Therefore, fraudsters often specify online payment or Bitcoin payment.

Example 4: They can’t speak a foreign language (for foreign investment)

This is a common pattern for scams such as foreign deposits, but it is common to scams that sell high interest rates in foreign countries and solicit investment, but the pattern that scammers cannot speak a foreign language is Of course it is a scam. The scammer responds that his staff will respond, but he does not reveal the identity of the staff. Of course, the staff is a fictitious person who never returns after depositing money.

Example 5: Give yourself a pseudonym or a dummy company name

The trouble for scammers is that they know their identity. Therefore, we often use pseudonyms or give ourselves a fictitious company that does not exist. When you are solicited for investment, first check the identity of the solicitor.

Example 6: Too high price

This is often found in information stores, but it sells at a price that is clearly higher than the market price. There are many patterns that emphasize some kind of added value, but think carefully about whether the added value is really valuable. Maybe you’re just being fooled. Please be careful about suspicious products of business YouTuber.