[Stocks, FX, virtual currency] Compatibility between game nerds and trades Dragon Quest


Dragon Quest is a popular game series sold by Square Enix. It is a typical role-playing game and is known as a very popular game mainly in Japan. The player himself becomes the main character of the game and captures the game. There are many battles in this game, and you need to know the characteristics of the enemy and defeat them. This tendency can also be said for trading. This is because traders will be able to win after knowing the market price.


What is Dragon Quest?

In the Dragon Quest series, the player advances the game as the main character of the game. It’s a typical role-playing game, where players explore the game through fields, dungeons, and towns. The battle between the player character and the enemy character is a turn-based system, and each character of the own army and the enemy army acts once. Therefore, this game is a game that requires strategicity.

Dragon Quest

Dragon Quest series

Dragon Quest was released in 1986, and since then there have been many sequels.

Dragon Quest1986
Dragon Quest II 1987
Dragon Quest III1988
Dragon Quest IV 1990
Dragon Quest V1992
Dragon Quest VI1995
Dragon Quest VII2000
Dragon Quest VIII 2004
Dragon Quest IX2009
Dragon Quest X2012
Dragon Quest XI2017

Trade with Dragon Quest

Dragon Quest is mainly a battle, but it is a game where you need to understand the behavior pattern of the enemy and defeat it. Since there is a tendency to be asked for strategy, it is necessary to improve by mastering the game. This process is the same for trading. It can be said that traders and game nerds are very similar.


Dragon Quest needs to know the behavior pattern of the enemy and capture it. Therefore, you must take the time to practice and mature your skills. This is also true for trading. You cannot win by trading suddenly. By practicing repeatedly, you will be able to win. Those who don’t have a hard time practicing will be able to win both games and trades.


By repeating failures many times, Dragon Quest will go through the process of accumulating and improving its own experience points. This process is the same for trading. As for trading, you will learn many charts, price movement patterns, market properties, etc., and gradually you will be able to win. No one can win suddenly. Game nerds are good at trading because they can work hard.

the study

Dragon Quest cannot be won suddenly, so you need to learn the characteristics of the game. By repeating the research, you will be able to play stably and well. This is an idea that can also be applied to trading. The market price of trades also fluctuates daily. Only those who can study will be able to win stably in the long run.