Turkey’s economic indicators


I summarized the economic indicators of Turkey. The Turkish lira is a minor currency, so you may not be trading much. The market tends to move depending on the situation in the Middle East and the situation of confrontation with Europe. Since it is not always moving a lot, it basically changes the swing. I have compiled a list of economic indicators that I want to be careful of. I think there is no problem if you are aware of only the most important ones.


Turkish Central Bank policy rate (importance: high)

The policy interest rate determined by the Bank of Turkey at the Monetary Policy Meeting (MPC) held eight times a year. We will move the market price with the largest index in Turkey. Please note that it will shake up and down.

Consumer Price Index (Importance: Medium)

A statistical index for grasping the movement of prices such as goods and services that consumers purchase. Sometimes abbreviated as CPI (Consumer Price Index).

Unemployment rate (importance: high)

It is the number of unemployed people divided by the labor force. Shows the percentage of the unemployed in the labor force. As with the policy interest rate in Turkey, we will move the market with the largest index. Please note that it will shake up and down.

Current balance (importance: low)

One of the standards that represent the balance of payments of a country. It consists of a trade / service balance, an income balance such as dividends, and a secondary income balance such as in-kind assistance such as pharmaceuticals among official development assistance.

Trade balance (importance: low)

An economic indicator that shows the difference between a country’s exports and imports over a period of time. If the export value exceeds the import value, it will be in the trade surplus, and if it is below the import value, it will be in the trade deficit.

Producer Price Index (Importance: Medium)

An economic indicator that investigates and calculates fluctuations in selling prices of products and raw materials. The English notation “Producer Price Index” is abbreviated as “PPI”.

Gross Domestic Product (GDP) (Importance: High)

The total amount of new products and services produced each year, often used as a measure of a country’s economic strength. If this number is high, lira tends to be bought.

Consumer Confidence Index (Importance: Medium)

It is an economic indicator related to the economy that is indexed by surveying the consumption situation of consumers by questionnaire. Also known as CCI (Consumer Confidence Index).

Indices of industrial production (importance: low)

The production status at domestic offices will be indexed and announced. It is used for purposes such as grasping changes in the overall level of mining and industrial production activities.


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