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Myfx Markets is a Forex company founded in 2013. The maximum leverage is 500 times and the spread is narrow overall for the currency pair. Therefore, it is a very compatible Forex company for traders who mainly fight scalping. Since you have a financial license, you can trade with confidence. From 2018, we also started handling virtual currency FX, and it is a company that can be recommended for virtual currency traders. Of course, it is also recommended for Forex traders.


Company information

MyfxMarkets is an overseas Forex brand operated by Axis Inc. The FX trading service will be available in 2013.

Operating company nameAxis Inc
Headquarters location103 S Church Street. Harbou Place, 4th floor, Cayman Islands
licenseSaint Vincent and the Grenadines Financial Services Agency (SVG FSA)
Business start date2013
number of employeesUnpublished


A financial license is issued by the financial authorities of the country and is a permit for conducting a financial business. Without this, you cannot carry out business activities. The countries with strict examination standards in the world are said to be the United Kingdom and Cyprus. The UK Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) has very strict not only license acquisition but also maintenance standards, such as having to compensate up to £ 85,000 per person in the event of a Forex trader’s bankruptcy. The Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CySec) is said to be the second highest screening country after the United Kingdom. So is Myfx Markets licensed?

Company NameAcquisition license
Axis Inc Saint Vincent and the Grenadines Financial Services Agency (SVG FSA)

Email support

Myfx Markets supports the following:

Inquiry methodContents
EmailYou will receive a reply within 24 hours on weekdays. You will receive a reply in about a day.
Live chatUse chat if you want an immediate response. Available 24 hours a day on weekdays.
phoneUse the phone if you want an immediate response. Available 24 hours a day on weekdays.

Supported language

They support 3 languages. Below is a list of supported languages.

  • English
  • Chinese
  • Japanese

Loss compensation

Myfx Markets has a warranty system.

Guarantee systemContents
Zero cutThey will not charge any loss in excess of the margin to protect the trader’s funds. There is no risk of having a debt.

Withdrawal method

Myfx Markets supports the following withdrawals.

Withdrawal methodWithdrawal feeReflection time
Bank withdrawal2000yen1-3 business days
USDTFree1-3 business days
bitwalletFree1-3 business days

Payment method

Myfx Markets supports the following deposits.

Payment methodDeposit feeReflection time
Bank remittanceFree1-3 business days

Account type

Myfx Markets supports the following account types.

itemStandard accountProfessional account
Transaction formNDD STPNDD ECN
Brands handledForeign exchange
Precious metals
Stock index
Foreign exchange
Precious metals
Stock index
Maximum leverage500500
Transaction feesFree$3.5
Minimum trading volume0.010.01
Maximum trading volume100100
Stop level0.0pips0.0pips
Automatic tradingPossbile Possbile
Double-deckerPossbile Possbile
Trading toolsMT4MT4

Currency pair

Myfx Markets supports a large number of currency pairs. Spreads are also listed. Only major currency pairs are listed.

Currency pairStandard accountProfessional account
AUD/JPY 1.69pips1.60pips

Whether or not withdrawal is refused

It will be the most worrisome place for traders who actually trade. There is no Forex company that refuses to deposit, but I am wondering if I can really withdraw when I can make a profit. What about MyfxMarkets, as some companies run away at worst? The patterns of withdrawal refusals from past cases are summarized below. Double-decker, scalping, and automated trading are permitted.

Case studyContents
Bonus withdrawalBonuses cannot be withdrawn.
Withdrawal while holding a positionYou cannot withdraw while you have a position.
Trades that overload the systemMaking many transactions in a short time using the system violates the trading rules. The account may be frozen.

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