To take the full price range of the trend


When you try to take the price range of the trend, do you not enter after the trend comes out? In fact, that’s already too late. The most delicious initial action is very delicious. Trends do not come out every hour. I can’t promise when it will come out, but the pattern when it comes out is stylized to some extent. In this article, I write about when to enter, when the trend will come out.


The trend is strongest at the beginning

If there is such an uptrend, the growth rate is very high at the beginning of the outbreak. After that, if the trend is strong, you will aim for a large price range, but the momentum will gradually decline. Therefore, it is all about how to get the points that started to appear.

Entry before the trend comes out

The only way to get the full price range of the trend is to enter before the mainstream of the trend (second wave) comes out. When the chart is rubbing between selling (buying) .I think it is likely to reverse, the aim is a big sell or a rebound after buying. In each case, the biggest point is whether or not the inversion point can be suppressed.

The part circled in red is just one example. When it starts to repel, a beard begins to appear. If you look at the 5 minute or 15 minute candlesticks, you will see several candlesticks with beards in a row. When such an event occurs, there is a high possibility of repulsion. However, when there is no repulsion, there is a tendency to rub and prograde forever.

The trend is aiming for the second wave

When a trend comes out, a big positive line , a negative line come out once. You should wait at that timing. This is because there is a 50-60% return once. The timing of entry is the repulsion point after returning. If it goes well at this timing, you can get a large price range.

The blue frame is the point. Instead of entering at the point where you dropped a lot once, you will enter after dropping, so you will enter at the point where you have finished returning. If you enter in the first wave, there is a good chance that you will be able to do it in the subsequent return. Also, although not all of the first waves are always the case, it is often the case that the ups and downs do not come at once. The main stream is the second wave. It depends on how you can get this.