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Hot Forex is a Forex trading company established in 2010. It is a trader with abundant stocks and supports 53 currency pairs, 6 precious metals, 3 energy, 939 stocks, 12 stock indexes, 3 bonds, ETF36, and 12 virtual currencies. In particular, stocks are attractive because they correspond to a large number of 939 stocks. It is a trader that can be recommended not only for Forex traders but also for stock and virtual currency traders. It is attractive because it has a maximum leverage of 1000 times. We also offer bonuses in our 100% deposit campaign, which is always held. This time, I am writing about the currency pairs handled by Hot Forex.


Account type

Hot Forex is divided into several accounts according to each trader’s preference. You can choose your favorite type. The differences are summarized in a table.

itemmicropremiumZero spread
Maximum leverage1000500500
Minimum trading volume0.010.01 0.01
Maximum trading volume76060
Maximum number of positions150300500
Stop level3.0pips3.0pips2.0pips
Minimum deposit500yen10000yen20000yen

Currency pair

Hot Forex supports the following currency pairs. I also listed the average spread.

AUD/JPY2.3 pips
CAD/JPY2.3 pips
CHF/JPY2.9 pips
EUR/JPY1.7 pips
EUR/USD1.2 pips
GBP/JPY3 pips
NZD/JPY2 pips
USD/JPY1.7 pips
AUD/CAD3.4 pips
AUD/CHF4.2 pips
AUD/NZD4 pips
AUD/USD1.5 pips
CAD/CHF2.4 pips
EUR/AUD3.9 pips
EUR/CAD2.6 pips
EUR/CHF1.9 pips
EUR/CZK31 pips
EUR/DKK48.2 pips
EUR/GBP1.8 pips
EUR/HUF39.9 pips
EUR/NOK33.6 pips
EUR/NZD6.9 pips
EUR/PLN31.8 pips
EUR/ZAR100 pips
GBP/AUD4.5 pips
GBP/CAD4.1 pips
GBP/CHF2.4 pips
GBP/NZD5.7 pips
GBP/USD1.8 pips
GBP/ZAR200 pips
NZD/CAD5.6 pips
NZD/CHF4.4 pips
NZD/USD1.9 pips
USD/CAD1.9 pips
USD/CHF1.9 pips
USD/CNH25 pips
USD/CZK23.1 pips
USD/DKK14.1 pips
USD/HKD6 pips
USD/HUF34 pips
USD/MXN70 pips
USD/NOK24.7 pips
USD/PLN32.6 pips
USD/RUB850.9 pips
USD/SEK27.6 pips
USD/SGD5.1 pips
USD/THB7.3 pips
USD/TRY95 pips
USD/ZAR90 pips
ZAR/JPY3.7 pips

Scalping trade

Scalping trading is also possible with Hot Forex. Both buildings are prohibited. We recommend trading with a zero spread account.

Automatic trading is at your own risk

Hot Forex can also be bought and sold automatically. You can use it, but if there is a one-sided trend, the unrealized loss will be large and all the principal will often fly away. Although it is your responsibility to invest in general, please be aware that EA trades can fail in one trend even if the winning percentage exceeds 90%.

Low risk, low return for beginners

Beginners should not be familiar with Forex yet, so start trading with a small number of lots. If you have one position and one lot, you will not suddenly go bankrupt. Let’s start low risk and low return.


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