FX discretion x automated trading service

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In Forex, there are two types of trading tools: discretionary trading that makes use of your own skills and brains, and an automated trading tool that automatically buys and sells with a program. This is generally well known, but there are companies out there that offer a combination of discretion and automated trading tools. Normally, automatic trading is performed, but when economic indicators or trends occur, the discretionary trader who is the manager intervenes, makes a loss cut settlement, and protects the funds.


Exists in some FX salons

This FX discretion x automatic trading service is not done on general SNS or the Internet. Then, where is it done? It is a service that is offered only to members at places such as FX seminars and FX online salons. In other words, it’s not open, it’s limited to a specific community, so it’s not common. Whether or not there is an admission fee for this service depends on the service. There are also places where you can get the service for free.

Operation form

FX discretion × automatic trading service operates the automatic trading tool 24 hours a day from the morning and leaves it alone. There are a few Forex traders who constantly monitor this tool, and they will stop losing positions when dangerous trends occur or when there are economic indicators. Therefore, the merit is that the trader’s intervention is involved, and unlike the fully automated trading tool, the probability of bankruptcy can be kept low.

Currency pair

Forex automated trading tools basically break down in currency pairs where big trends are likely to occur. Therefore, many companies adopt and operate USD / JPY and EUR / USD, which are easy to stabilize price movements. Trends are likely to occur in GBP, EUR, etc., and there is a high possibility of bankruptcy. Furthermore, there is a risk that you will not be able to make a profit because the price movement is small in minor currencies such as MXN and ZAR.

Possibility of bankruptcy

There are many places where FX discretion x automated trading service is also bankrupt. One reason is that Forex traders are not good at it. Professional traders who can really win big wins often become managers of inexperienced traders because they do not deal with such services, and in many cases they lose their principal due to misjudgment. However, it is still more stable than a fully automated trading tool. However, be aware that the nature of automated trading tools is high risk and low return. If you live on this service alone, you will need a lot of principal. And you can lose the full amount, so think carefully before deciding whether or not to do it.

Monthly income

The monthly interest rate of the trading service is about 5% to 10%. Obviously, discretionary trading is recommended when monthly interest is important. If you can really win, you can earn 100% or more per month.

FX discretion x automated trading service Inquiries

Forex discretion x automated trading service is often introduced when you go to Forex salons and Forex seminars. Please contact the operating company that runs such seminars and salons.