[Stocks, Forex, Cryptocurrencies] Hedgehog healing necessary for investment traders


Traders are always under pressure, whether it’s currency, stocks or cryptocurrencies. Unlike other professions, You always have a lot of stress in professions where You have to worry about big market trends. Therefore, it is a profession that traders need healing. Hedgehogs are nocturnal animals that prefer to act alone, but because of their cute appearance, they heal the exhausted spirit of traders. Mice have become a very popular animal.


Traders are mentally burdensome professions

Whether it’s stocks, Forex or cryptocurrencies, the profession of a trader is under heavy load. People in the profession of such traders need moderate healing. It’s hard to live under the mental pressure every day. At such times, animals become partners who heal their hearts.


Hedgehogs are nocturnal animals. She has a timid and delicate personality. It has excellent sense of smell and hearing, and can smell sensitively. It also has excellent memory, so it can be disciplined.


There are the following types of hedgehogs.

Four-toed hedgehogIt inhabits a wide range of areas from Senegal to Central Africa and Ethiopia.
Nami Hari HedgehogIt inhabits the forests and wilderness of Central and Western Europe.
Long-eared hedgehogThe standing ears are very charming and feature big ears.

Hedgehog personality

Hedgehogs are very delicate animals. It’s also a very timid life, so you need to handle it carefully until you get used to it. Hedgehogs can also get sick from stress.

Hedgehog lifespan

Hedgehogs are said to have a lifespan of 5-10 years.

Hedgehog breeding

Hedgehogs have a gestation period of about one month. After that, you can give birth to 1-3 heads at a time.

Hedgehog breeding costs

Hedgehogs have a fixed cost of food, sand and flooring, but can be bred for $ -70 $ per month.

Hedgehog breeding

Hedgehogs need food.


A cage is also required.


The bedding may be accidentally swallowed.


A hut is a must for hedgehogs. She has a timid personality and needs a place to hide.


Toilets are also an essential item.