[Stocks, Forex, Cryptocurrencies] Healing chinchillas necessary for investment traders


Traders are always under pressure, whether forex, stocks or cryptocurrencies. Unlike other professions, traders are constantly under great stress in professions where they always have to worry about big market flows. Traders are therefore a profession that needs healing. Chinchillas are one of the most sought after pets in the world today. The cute appearance and beautiful coat of the chinchilla will heal the trader’s heart.


Traders are mentally burdensome professions

Whether it’s stocks, Forex or cryptocurrencies, the profession of a trader is under heavy load. People in the profession of such traders need moderate healing. It’s hard to live under the mental pressure every day. At such times, animals become partners who heal their hearts.


Chinchillas are a group of guinea pigs and other small animals with soft coats and cute appearances. The country of origin is Chile, which is sensitive to changes in temperature and humidity due to its delicate creatures. It is a pet that is in great demand because it looks very cute.


Chinchilla is a rodent that belongs to the genus Chinchillidae of the order Chinchillidae. It is 20-30 cm long and is known for its beautiful coat color. Chinchilla coat colors include gray, cinnamon, black, white, and violet. It is a nocturnal animal that often sleeps during the day. The country of origin is Chile, which is currently designated as an endangered species. I live on grass and trees as a herbivore.


Chinchillas can have life-threatening quarrels when raising multiple chinchillas at the same time. An animal that prefers to act alone. Chinchillas are docile and rarely squeal. Breeding in apartments and condominiums is also possible. Also, chinchillas like to exercise, so you need to exercise with a wheel.


Chinchillas can live for about 6 years in the wild and for about 15-20 years in captivity.


Chinchillas have a gestation period of about 4 months. You can give birth to 1-6 heads at a time

Breeding costs

The cost of raising a chinchilla is around $ 50 per month.


When breeding chinchillas, you need to have at least the following tools.

It is best to feed the chinchilla food.


If you get sick, you will need a carry bag. The chinchilla is small, so even a small one is fine.


Chinchillas need a bite tree. You will need something to bite with the chinchilla’s teeth.


Toilet goods are an essential item.


The temperature at which the chinchilla can spend comfortably is between 15 ° C and 22 ° C. Please buy an air conditioner to regulate your body temperature.


Chinchillas are animals with a lot of exercise, so prepare a wheel.