Is the Forex Salon a Scam?

You want to start Forex but you don't know how to win. you are still doing Forex, but you can't win at all, so you want to learn from someone. There are many beginners who have such troubles.

Stock FX cryptocurrency Youtube surges fraudulent ads

When I watch Youtube in recent years, a lot of advertisements are delivered, but I get the impression that suspicious advertisements are increasing very much. There are many investment solicitation projects that are clearly fraudulent, and I feel that the situation is extremely serious. So today, I'm writing an article about investment projects advertised on Youtube and their actual situation.

Stock FX Cryptocurrency International Romance Scams and Countermeasures

International romance scams are spreading worldwide. This is the act of using SNS (Twitter, Instagram, Facebook), matching apps, and dating apps to show the pretense of dating the other party and deceive the other party.

Forex high-value automated trading tools

The number of people who trade using automated trading tools in Forex today is increasing worldwide. Automated trading tools range from free to expensive. However, in recent years, there have been a lot of bad guys selling too expensive automated trading tools. It sells with the slogan that the winning percentage is 99% or more, the absolute win is possible, and the monthly profit is 50% or more. Most of the companies sell with an emphasis on added value, but do you know that it is essentially the same whether it is free or expensive? This time, it is an article that calls attention.

Matching app, dating app FX, crypto investment fraud

Matching apps and dating apps are the mainstream dating tools of our time. Introduced as in the past, the culture of getting married has disappeared, smartphones have become widespread throughout the world, and it is rather common to use dating apps and dating apps. These apps are usually used by men and women looking for encounters, but some people are abusing them.

Cryptocurrency ICO scam

In recent years, the market for virtual currencies has been expanding steadily. It's not about one country, but cryptocurrencies are spreading all over the world. If you are interested in cryptocurrencies, you may have heard the word "ICO". While there are rumors that it is extremely profitable, there are constant stories of fraud. There must be as many people as there are stars who have actually invested and escaped with their money.