Stock FX cryptocurrency Youtube surges fraudulent ads


When I watch Youtube in recent years, a lot of advertisements are delivered, but I get the impression that suspicious investment solicitation advertisements are increasing very much. There are many investment solicitation projects that are clearly fraudulent, and I feel that the situation is extremely serious. So today, I’m writing an article about investment projects advertised on Youtube and their actual situation. I will talk in detail about how to detect fraud and what kind of case you can trust.


Youtube investment deals are mostly fraudulent

First of all, it is no exaggeration to say that the advertisements for investment projects on Youtube are almost fraudulent. But what I mean is that soliciting investment is not a scam. What is fraud is what you are soliciting. I would like you to recognize that the problem is that you can simply say something that is impossible, such as winning 100% or guaranteeing the principal. Now let’s write about how to determine if it’s a scam.

Search the company name or representative name online

Most of the names of companies or representatives advertising on Youtube often get caught in the keyword fraud when searching online. The reason why it comes out is that there are cases where actual damage has already occurred, and there are many patterns written in online reviews and blogs. On the other hand, information such as the name of the newly established company does not appear on the Internet. In that case, please use other means to determine if it is a scam.

The content of the solicitation is suspicious

In the world of investment where the content of solicitation is suspicious, there is no such thing as winning 100%. In the world of Forex, only 10% of people can win, and the remaining 90% are said to be the losers, which is a very tough world. However, not only FX but other investments are also not so easy to win. Nonetheless, companies that advertise as if they could win quickly should be suspicious. If you say the following keywords, please be careful as it is a scam.

  • 100% absolutely win
  • Proclaiming a principal guarantee for stocks, FX, and virtual currencies
  • Anyone can win because of its high reproducibility
  • You can win without knowledge or experience
  • You can save money just by leaving it alone

In this way, investment fraud cases do not require knowledge or experience, and are characterized by emphasizing that anyone can win immediately. However, most of the people who win in Forex and virtual currency trading are finally able to win after a strict training period of one or two years. Be wary as you can’t win right away.

Doing a suspicious seminar

Companies that advertise for investment fraud often hold suspicious seminars. Most of the seminars of this type are completely unintelligible to the participants, and only the participation fee is wasted. It would be nice if the seminar could lead to self-growth, but if not, we do not recommend attending the seminar. It’s a waste of money and a waste of time. It’s like tribute to the organizer, so please do not participate.

Investment is not easy to earn

Investment is a very tough world. There are many complaints about making money easily on SNS such as Twitter and online advertisements, but that is not the case. Those who can actually win with Forex and virtual currencies can win after a very tough era of underlaying. Don’t be fooled by sweet words.