[For Forex beginners] What to do when you can’t win


FX is a very tough world. In a world where 90% of the world loses and leaves, and only the remaining 10% wins, most people are forced to leave. And it is said that most losers lose 90% of their money within three months. Therefore, traders who cannot win often have a hard time winning and often take wrong actions because of the great stress. This time, I’m writing an article about actions that take place when you can’t win.


When you can’t win in Forex

It’s very hard when you can’t win in Forex. I’m starting to think about strange things because my money is running low and my motivation is low. For example, there are many people who think about “easy way to win” and “easy way to win” and are deceived by suspicious information products and fraudsters. Beginners tend to fall into the following cases, so be careful.

Start FX automated trading tool

It is quite difficult to win in Forex discretionary trading. Because of that reality, most people go forex automated trading tools. Forex automated trading tools do not require trader skills and anyone can win quickly, but the future is waiting for us to lose all our money someday. I don’t recommend it because a harsh future awaits you if you escape to an easy way to win.

Join the FX Salon

Some people join the FX Salon if they cannot easily win in Forex. There are some salons that are good and some that are bad, so I can’t say whether this is all right or not. However, in recent years, many FX salons have been selling expensive information products, and the number of extremely dangerous salons is increasing. Even if you join, there is a future where you will lose only money if you are not careful.

Looking for the Holy Grail

Forex beginners can’t win 100% at first even if they keep fighting with one method. Therefore, we will be doing different trading methods one after another, and we will be gradually shifting. And as a result, you may not learn anything. Forex winning traders don’t use so many techniques. It’s enough to have one way to win.

Fight with a lot of money

Beginners who are just starting Forex cannot win for a while. But nevertheless, there are so many people who want to win right away but suddenly put in too much money to trade. The future is waiting for most people to lose the full amount. Therefore, what beginners should do is trade with low funds and low lots. If you try to win suddenly, you will be sent off early.

Only those who fight steadily can win

It is quite possible that it will take at least half a year to a year or more for Forex to win. Therefore, shortcuts are only stupid. The muddy, steady fight is the shortcut to victory. Never think of winning easily. The most important thing in Forex is not to leave. In order not to leave, it is necessary to trade safely with reasonable funds.