[For beginners] Are stocks, FX, and virtual currencies gambling?


This article is for those who are considering investing in stocks, Forex, and cryptocurrencies, or those who want to start and cannot easily start. If you want to start investing but are afraid of going bankrupt, or if you are afraid of losing money and can’t step forward, please read this article. It’s true that investing is a very tough world, as investment generally involves risks and returns, but I can assure you that it’s not gambling, depending on how you manage your money. The reason will be explained below.


Depends on the person

It’s up to you to decide whether your investment will be gambling if you go from the conclusion first. What that means is that the answer depends on how the person spends money and whether he or she manages risk. For those who lose and endlessly invest additional money, the investment is 100% gambling, and for those who can limit their additional investment and manage themselves well, it is not gambling.

To give a more concrete example, a person who suddenly spends all of his money on investment even though he does not have much money is destined to be 100% ruined. On the other hand, for those who compete with only about 10% or 20% of the total funds and do not easily invest additional funds even if they lose, no matter what the result, it will not be gambling.

Similar results other than investment

The same is true for non-investment gambling. I think there are horse racing, pachinko, slots, and casino games, but for those who have a strong sense of self-control, even if they do any of these, they will not go bankrupt. Because the idea is the same as FX. Those who invest endlessly will definitely go bankrupt regardless of whether they play horse racing, pachinko, slots, or casino games. It should go bankrupt regardless of the size of the funds. In other words, the medium in which you compete is not important. It depends on the person’s way, not the medium. Anyone who can manage himself will not be ruined no matter what he does.

In other words, it is not gambling because it is a stock, FX, virtual currency. After all, the person’s way and way of thinking determines everything.

Continuity is the biggest profit

Those who do stocks, Forex and cryptocurrencies are very particular about winning, but what really matters is that they can continue. There are no exceptions to those who have survived for a long time in the market, and they manage their funds well. The more timid and cautious people are, the more they survive in the market. If you continue to survive in the market, you may get a big hit somewhere. You can aim for big profits at that time, but if you can’t survive in the market, you can’t even do that. It depends on how you can manage your risk without being reckless.

It doesn’t matter how big or small the funds are

Don’t you think that those who are going to start stocks, Forex, and cryptocurrencies are tough if they don’t have a lot of money? Actually, stocks, Forex, and virtual currencies are all the same, but you can start with a small amount. You can start with as much money as a month’s food and utilities. Those who can really win can inflate that small amount into a large amount of money.

On the other hand, almost 100% of those who suddenly invest huge amounts of money leave within a few months. The reason is that you lose a lot of money in just a few months. Beginners cannot win immediately. The mental damage that lost a large amount of money is great, and it cannot recover and disappears from the world of investment.

Therefore, we recommend that you start investing in a small amount, even as little as possible, and anyone with a small amount can start immediately. Even if you lose the entire amount, you will not suffer fatal damage. Stocks, Forex, and cryptocurrencies are not the world with high hurdles. Even people with few assets can continue trading within a reasonable range with just one method.

Trade in the long run

Those who are about to start stocks, Forex and cryptocurrencies will not suddenly win from the first month. If you try to win suddenly, you will be frustrated and you will be sent off. If you want to win slowly over a year or two, you will definitely improve. Short-term delusions are definitely frustrating. Try to look at things from a long-term perspective.